Bishop Hugh Gilbert of Aberdeen has become a patron of Musica Sacra Scotland

1170818_73740851Bishop Hugh Gilbert, was named as the president of the Liturgy Commission of the Bishops’ conference of Scotland at the last Bishop’s Conference meeting.  He has now become a patron on Musica Sacra Scotland.  
The Bishop was formerly the Abbot of Pluscarden Abbey, a medieval monastery which is home to a community of Catholic Benedictine monks.  The Mass and full Divine office are sung by the monks each day in the Abbey church using Gregorian Chant.  The traditional song of the Church is central to the prayers and the rhythm of life of the monastic community.  As such he has great experience on the matter of Liturgy and chant
Musica Sacra Scotland is an organisation which aspires to raise the standards of church music, with specific care for congregational participation.  Their aim is to spread the experience of sacred sung prayer throughout the parishes of Scotland.