Blessing of the Prayer Garden and The Crowning of Our Lady

A short service was held at 10.30am before the start of mass firstly to bless the children’s prayer garden and then to crown the statue of Our Lady. 

Over a number of weeks, Hilda has been in discussion with the Children to devise and develop a prayer garden.  The result has been a vibrant collection of plants, ornaments, prayers and images to help them reflect on events from the bible, our local community including the emergency services, and the needs of our brothers and sisters around the world.  

Father blessed the garden, prayers were read and the ribbon cut.

Father then read experts from the service to the Crowning of an Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary (see link below).  Her statue was adorned with a garland, crowned, and transported into the church,  preceded by the children scattering blossom before the procession.