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Fratelli Tutti – On the Fraternity and Social Friendship

Fratelli tutti is the third encyclical of Pope Francis.  Inspired by the life and example of St Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis indicates that fraternity and social friendship are the ways to build a better, more just, peaceful and joyful world; to look at it in a different way – with new eyes, calling on …

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East or West? A choice of spiritual events on 4th October 2014

Open Doors at Greyfriars Convent The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Elgin have extended an invitation to visit Greyfriars convent, to learn the providential history of this sacred place and see the parts of the building normally closed to the public.  Saturday October 4 2014, 10.00am – 12.30pm Homebakes, Teas and Coffees available with …

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Touch of Silence – Day of Retreat

On Saturday 13th September there will be a mediation retreat at Stratherrick, starting at 10 am with tea/coffee.  Sunday Vigil Mass at 5 pm.  The retreat “Touch of silence” will be an introduction to meditation and will be given by Fr Andrew Harden.  Lunch will be provided.  For details contact the Webmaster (via the Contacts page)

Highland Foodbank Update

Following the fist session of training for the Nairn Foodbank Centre, a second catch up session has been arranged for Tuesday 29th April at 7.30pm in the St. Mary’s church hall.  At this session, the aim is to identify the different roles required, and see who is willing and able to do what.  The expected …

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Prayer before a Manger Scene

Excerpt from Prayer before a Manger Scene Father Peter John Cameron, O.P.   Longed-for Messiah, your servant Saint Leo the Great well wrote that in the very act of reverencing the birth of our Saviour, we are also celebrating our own new birth.  From this night on may my life be a dedicated life of …

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