Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

As on other occasions when we see pictures of those suffering the consequences of devastating earthquakes we have been moved in recent days by the plight of the earthquake victims in Nepal and probably feel that we would like to do something to help. Our own Aid Agency, SCIAF, has been quick to respond and has sent £50,000 immediately to its sister agency Caritas Nepal and opened an on-line emergency appeal. There has been an excellent response to this appeal and hopefully this will continue.

I write to you – the faithful, the parishes, the schools, the organizations, indeed the whole Catholic community in Scotland – inviting you to support the SCIAF Appeal for Nepal. You may wish to make your own contribution through the website, or take up a collection or organise a fund-raising event. All your contributions will be much appreciated and will assist the victims through the Catholic Church’s presence in Nepal.

On the SCIAF website you can also find Prayers of Intercession for those suffering in Nepal. You are encouraged to make use of them at Mass and in other prayer services. Our prayer is an important expression of our solidarity with those suffering and our plea to God for their relief.

This appeal comes close on the heels of the great support given to SCIAF during Lent, both through the Collection and the Wee Boxes. I thank you for your generosity and hope you manage to send in these Lenten contributions before 18th May so that the government’s contribution is realised. I ask you to keep contributions to the Emergency Appeal for Nepal separate from the Lenten offerings as they are clearly for different purposes. The timing of disasters and the subsequent appeals for help are outwith human control so we respond as best we can when something happens even if it follows a time of generous giving as is the case this time. I hope therefore that you will support the Emergency Appeal with your usual generosity.

With my thankful prayers and very best wishes,

+ Joseph Toal

Bishop President of SCIAF.



Following on from the letter from bishop Toal please find links to SCIAF’s Website, and their Appeal page (Webmaster)