‘Faith in Film’ Evening at St Columba’s Church, Culloden – Eye in the Sky


Film Showing:   “Eye in the Sky“

Screening:         Wednesday 24 January, beginning 7.00pm

Venue:               St. Columba’s Church, Culloden


Faith in Film returns to St. Columba’s! 

‘Eye in the Sky’ – Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman star in this nail-biting and thought-provoking film, which examines the moral and ethical implications of the war on terror, and, in particular, of drone strikes.

There will be a short discussion after the film on the Catholic Church’s teaching on this topic, and on the theory of the ‘just war’. 


Certificate: 15

Running Time (102 minutes)


Director: Gavin Hood

Writers: Guy Hibbert

Stars: Helen MirrenAaron PaulAlan Rickman