‘Faith in Film’ Evening at St Columba’s Church, Culloden – The Mission


Film Showing:   “The Mission”

Screening:         Wednesday 18th May, beginning 7.00pm

Venue:               St. Columba’s Church, Culloden


Based on a true story, The Mission is a 1986 British drama about the experiences of the 18th century Jesuit missions in South America, on the borders of Brazil and Paraguay.  Visually stunning (it won the Palme d’Or and the Academy Award for Best Cinematography), with an unforgettable musical score by Italian composer Ennio Morricone, this film is both memorable and thought provoking.

It won the top prize at Cannes in 1986 and was nominated for a Best Film Oscar


Certificate PG

Running Time (125 minutes)


Director:  Roland Joffé

Writer:  Robert Bolt (original story & screenplay)

Stars:  Robert De Niro, Jeremy Irons, Liam Neeson & Ray McAnally