Mary’s Meals – Talk and Films

 A reminder that on Friday 6th October there will be a talk and films on Mary’s Meals, upstairs in the Parish Hall, from 7pm – 8.45pm,

Two films will be shown with a Tea / Coffee interval. 



Below is a copy of the speech given by Bridget after mass last Sunday


Marys Meals is a continuing success story

What started as a feeding programme for 200 children in Malawi in 2002 has grown into a major international charity, now feeding 1,230,171 of the world’s poorest children at their place of education across 14 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The latest feeding programme was begun in April this year in Aleppo. At present 1.75 million children are not going to school in Syria.

The main objective of the charity is the same today as it was in the beginning; to provide a daily meal in a place of learning, attracting desperately hungry children into the classroom. The children then receive an education that can become their ladder out of poverty.

Mary’s Meals is a grass-roots charity that depends on the innate goodness and generosity of people who hear our story and wish to share what they have to help in some way. This can be through prayer, and through donations of time, money, expertise or resources.

 Our success has been built upon the generosity and commitment of an army of volunteers both in the supply of the resources to facilitate the aid and the readiness of the local communities to participate.

At the end of Mass you will be receiving a Mary’s Meals leaflet and further information can be found on the charity’s website.

On Friday there will be a showing of two films, each about 30 mins long, in the upstairs hall.

The first film “Child 31” tells the story of Mary’s Meals, how it operates and follows some of the children benefitting from the programme.

 The 2nd film “Generation Hope” tells the stories of just some of the young people, who, having received Mary’s Meals as children, are now part of a new generation beginning to find its voice and build a brighter future.