Meditation Day of Retreat – ‘Touch Of Silence’

On Saturday 28th June  there was a day of  Christian Meditation called ‘Touch of silence’ at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Stratherrick.  It comprised of three sessions of meditation in the morning with two walking meditations in between, followed by a wonderfully friendly and sociable lunch.  There were a further 3 sessions of meditation in the afternoon, followed by Mass.  A great day, thoroughly enjoyed by all.  

You will be most welcome to come along to the next mediation day, which will be held on Saturday 16th August starting at 10am with tea/coffee, and finishing with a Sunday Vigil Mass at 5pm.  The retreat ‘Touch of silence’ will be an introduction to meditation and will be given by Fr. Andrew Harden.  Lunch will be provided.  For further details, please contact the webmaster via the Contact page.
Stratherrick 28.06.14_145903