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Bulletin 28th December 2014

Diocesan Youth Website

Visit for the first edition of Northern Lights – our on-line newsletter, pilgrimages, retreats, youth groups, all the latest news on recent and coming events for teenagers in the diocese of Aberdeen.


Pilgrimages this Summer

If  you wish to go on any of them, please consult the priest concerned:

Fr. Keith Herrera – Medjugorje 3-10 May

Fr. Colin Davies – Montserrat

Bishop Hugh (a diocesan pilgrimage) – Southern Germany 21-30 July

Fr. Colin Davies – Lourdes Handicapped Children

Fr. Rytel – Rome, Assisi, Monte Cassino 4-14 April


The Christmas week services once again were very well attended; standing room only at the “midnight” Mass; not much room to spare at Christmas morning.  Christingle is our substitute for a carol service and it had a good attendance.  

Thanks to all for the effort put in – the wonderful crib devised and executed by the Furze family; the music devised by Ian between peregrinations to the the Outer Hebrides and maternity wards; and not forgetting the “providers” during the various functions in the Hall; nobody went hungry or unsatisfied except car drivers whose extension of good cheer did not go as far as the legislators.  


Mass during the coming week

This weekend Saturday and Sunday routine pattern.  Wednesday 31st December mass at 10.00am.  A time for reviewing the last year and thanking God for all that has helped us reach out to Him.  

Saturday Exposition from 5.15pm till mass time for private prayer and petition.

The Feast of the Epiphany asks us especially to pray for young people that they may grow in faith.  i.e. loving God and loving their neighbour.  


Station Masses during Lent

Friday 20th February – St. Mary’s Inverness

Friday 27th February – St Lawrence Dingwall

Friday 6th March – St. Vincent Tain

Friday 13th March – St Columba Culloden

Friday 20th March – St. Aidan Aviemore

Friday 27th March – St. Joachim Wick

Bishop Hugh plans to come to Dingwall and Culloden.

The Chrism Mass – where blessing the Holy Oils for use in the coming twelve months takes place by the Bishop; this blessing will be in St. Thomas Church Keith on March 15th.  This is the four hundredth anniversary of the martyrdom of St. John Ogilvie, a local boy of the Keith Area – 15th March 1615.



Bulletin 21st December 2014

Times of Services at Christmas


Sunday 20th December – Christingle 4.30

This is a service of carols and readings presented by the young people of the parish but meant to be enjoyed by all.  As we do not provide the full carol service, this serves as a good introduction to the festal music of Christmas.


Wednesday 24th December

8.00pm – First mass of Christmas.  The birth of Christ celebrated with carols and sung mass.  The blessing of the Crib then the Gloria.


Thursday 25th December

10.00am – Christmas Day mass.


Saturday 27th December

6.00pm – Feast of the Holy Family


Sunday 28th December

10.00am – Sunday morning mass


Wednesday 31st December – Mass of thanksgiving for the closing year – not penitential for things which have gone wrong, but thanksgiving – and a requiest for light in the new year.  An optional prayer for guidance from St. Sylvester


New Year Thursday 1st January

Mary, the Mother of God.  Quiet day for those who wish to rest in the family.  No mass.


Saturday 3rd January

5.30pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament before the Vigil Mass to ask guidance and blessing for our family.  6.00pm – mass for the feast of the Epiphany.


Sunday 4th January

10.00am – Customary Sunday mass.


Live events from Rome – EWTN 589

20.30pm – Solemn Mass Christmas Eve

1.00pm – Christmas Day mass

11.00am Pope’s Message and blessing – Christmas Day 




Bulletin 07th December 2014


Second Sunday in Advent


Read Isaiah 9:2-7

Long before Jesus was born, Isaiah the prophet declared or prophesied that God would send a Saviour to the world.  We believe that Jesus fulfills this prophecy.  

Many names have been given to Jesus, and many symbols are used to convey what he means to us.  In the Bible, light symbolises the intervention of God in the world.  We use candles on our altars to remind us that Jesus himself is the light of the world.  When we know him as our Light we know that God is with us and for us.

The symbol of the rose reminds us of Isaiah’s prophecy (Isaiah 35:1) that the desert shall blossom as the rose at the coming of the Lord.


– How many names for Jesus can you recall?

– What does each name tell us about him?

– What light does Christ give for dealing with other people?



Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, we praise and bless your holy name.  Son of David, Branch of Jesse, Emmanuel, Good Shepherd, Light of the world: guide us and help us, we pray.




Bulletin 23rd November 2014

Aid to the Church In Need (ACN)  Please join in united prayer this advent to ask God to protect the Christians in the Middle East.  Further details available from Lorraine McMahon – contact details available from the Webmaster (see contacts page)


Confirmations last week  Many thanks to bishop Hugh and all who worked hard to make this a most memorable occasion.  Please keep all our young people in your prayers.


Scottish Interfaith week 23rd – 30th November

Pope Francis says of interfaith relations, “My wish is that the dialogue between us should help us to build bridges connecting all people in such a way that everyone can see in the other not an enemy, not a rival but a brother or sister to be welcomed and embraced.”  Accordingly the Scottish bishops have appointed Bishop Mario Conti to work towards this. 


Saturday 6th December 3-6pm  Christmas Tree Festival in St. Mary’s Chapel Blairs.  Fun games for the children; Community Carols and at 4pm the Rock Choir will perform.  See full details on the noticeboard.



Bulletin 16th November 2014

The Sacrament of Confirmation – today

Bishop Hugh has come today to confirm Princess, Ghent, Regan, Catriona and Lewis.  We welcome the bishop and thank him both for his coming, and for his care of all of us.  We congratulate the young people for accepting Christ’s invitation to follow Him.  For our part we must always keep them in our prayers.  May God guide them in all their days.


Right to life.  The Catholic Observer highlights the struggle which still goes on regarding the rights of midwives to stand down from any abortion activity.  The original abortion Act of 1967 allowed the pro-abortion faction to bring about the dismissal of midwives who attempted to stand down; this whole area is being clarified by the High Courts in Edinburgh.  


State Guardian controversy surrounds the proposal of the Scottish government to assign a named person to every child in the country allowing them to act without parental consent.


23rd November  Meeting for all parents and catechists after Sunday Mass to arrange catechism classes.  This is an important meeting for all the parents, so please make an effort to attend.  Any queries meantime, see Maria McPherson.

Incidentally, Maria has just been appointed head teacher in Millbank school; a best way of congratulation is to attend her meeting.


8th December  6.30 Children’s Carol Service.  Details awaiting completion.


11th December  Nairn Town Carol Service in St. Ninian’s church.  There is no charge but any money collected at the door will go to the Nairn Hospital patients support. 


Grand Christmas Draw  Date for your diary 

Friday 19th December.  A Christmas social evening during which we will have a prize draw.  A large box has been placed at the back of the church to receive your donations for the draw.  In previous years the proceeds went to Mary’s meals.  Any candidates for this year?



Bulletin 9th November 2014

Religious Freedom in the World Report

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has issued a report showing the decline worldwide in religion and the persecution noted in Muslim countries and other authoritarian countries.  Details are available in


Voting for elections

Reminders are currently being sent to say that new electoral rolls are being prepared.  Don’t miss your chance.


Diocesan Youth Website

Visit for the first edition of Northern Lights – our online newsletter, pilgrimages, retreats, youth groups all the latest news on recent and coming events for teenagers in the diocese of Aberdeen.


16th November

It is hoped to welcome Bishop Hugh to confer confer confirmation on our your people.  We did have twenty two at the last confirmation!!

After the ceremony there will be time for group photographs and then individual photographs.  Coffee will be available in the hall – please leave the upstairs room for the young people. 



Bulletin 2nd November 2014

The Synod of Rome  In a pastoral letter to the diocese of Westminster, Cardinal Nichols stressed that the Synod has been about the pastoral care we offer to each other in the motherly love of the Church – a spiritual journey trying to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  


22nd November 2014  One day conference Music in Catholic Liturgy in the St. Ninian Institute Dundee.  Speakers include James MacMillan, Martin Baker, Ben Saunders and Roger Williams among distinguished musicians.  



Bulletin 26th October 2014

Saturday 1st November is the feast of All Saints.  It is NOT a Holyday of obligation.  Evening mass at 6.00pm.

Sunday 2nd is All Souls Day.  Mass will be at 10.00am and is a parish prayer for all our departed friends and relatives.


HCPT Christmas Bazaar – Saturday 1st November St. Mary’s hall, Huntly Street Inverness 2.00pm – 4.30pm..


Thursday 13th November St Mary’s Beauly at 6.30pm – Bishop Hugh will lead a celebratory Mass for the 150th anniversary of the consecration of the church.


Fr. Brian Gowans is the principal Catholic Chaplain and wishes to remind you of Prisoners Week 2014.  A number of striking cards are available for your though and prayer to mark the week 16th-23rd November.  There is a website:


Grand christmas Draw A Christmas social evening is being planned during which we will have a prize draw.  A large box has been placed at the back of the church to receive your donations for the draw.  In previous years the proceeds went to May’s meals.  Any candidates for this years’ draw?  

Likewise what talents do you have for Christmas??  Many thanks.



Bulletin 19th October 2014

The second collection for the Young people’s travel to Dunfermline came to £158.70.  The total bill for the trip came to £160.00 – so again many thanks.


Next week we hope to get back to normalcy since the holiday and school breaks are over.  A choir group to widen our repertoire has started meeting on Wednesday evenings – any instrumentals of any sort would be welcome.  

Help in the ordinary running of the parish is always welcome – cleaners, readers, altar servers….  even ideas are welcome.


Rome – Synod of Bishops

The synod is about half way through its opening session – preparing for the full session next year.  

The remit for the session was “The Family” and among topics were – divorced and remarried Catholics, cohabitation, gay situations.

There was no great change in any doctrine but a pastoral consideration was the main concern.  Some liberal voices wished to see some changes but the current concern was for people with difficult situations.  A clearer statement is due in another fortnight.


Sunday 19th OctoberMission Sunday

The special collection today goes to Missio headquarters in Coatbridge where the smaller orders and congregations look after their missionary needs.  The special collection dates from the days long before all the appeals which are now so frequent.


National Youth Weekend

St. Mary’s parish group of Ghent, Lewis, Princess, Regan and Catriona will begin to look at Fairtrade and its Christian possibilities: a practical application of this in the sale of Advent calendars for the Funzi Baby clinic in Kenya.


Saturday 8th November – Stratherrick

“Touch of Silence”.  Fr. Andrew Harden PP at Stratherrick will give a day retreat in this peaceful part of the Loch Ness Countryside.  The day starts at 10.00am with an introduction to meditation and ends at 5.00pm with a vigil mass.  Lunch will be provided.  See the poster at the back of church, Patricia Robertson or Julie Knight, or contact the Webmaster for further information.



Bulletin 12th October 2014

Report back from the clergy meeting in Elgin

Some new faces from among the clergy and one or two departures from the last session.  Currently the North of Inverness is the most hardly hit. 

The morning session was given over largely to the system for protecting the vulnerable, to be known as the PVG scheme.  A commission to ensure the good functioning of protection will be known as the McLellan Commission.

Bishop Hugh also reported that another order of nuns have offered to come to the diocese very soon.


Going into hospital?  Register with reception that you are happy to have the hospital chaplain visit you – do not take it for granted that your own priest knows about your condition unless you tell him.


National Youth Weekend After the success of the Dunfermline weekend, another event is planned 14th – 16th November to be held at Gartmore near Aberfoyle.  Further details available from Gaynoll Craig. 

St. Mary’s parish group of Ghent, Lewis, Princess, Regan and Catriona will begin to look at Fairtrade and its Christian possibilities: a practical application of this in the sale of Advent calendars for the Funzi Baby Clinic in Kenya.


The Indigo Project

Do you have any hidden treasures in your loft which are no longer central to your life?  Bring them in and the promoters will sell them to give them the chance of helping youngsters in Africa to live a life…………. a full life.


Choir  We meet again next Wednesday at 7.00pm.  Even if you play yourself down, this will make you feel good when your favourite new hymn is adopted.


Footnote; switch off your phone — God has your number – if he wants you, he will call you.



Bulletin 5th October 2014

Masses this week: Tuesday and Friday,  10am both days.  Clergy meeting this Wednesday.


The second collection last week for the aged and infirm clergy came to £172.40.  Many thanks.


Readers at mass; passkeepers.  We still need more help in these offices.  Please see Fr. Barnett if you can help; rotas and lists are being made ready to fill current gaps – without last minute “flaps”.  Many thanks to all from all.


Sunday 5th October Marks the beginning of the special Synod of Bishops in Rome.  The main theme is the Christian Family; no doubt many other topics will be raised – Much praying required!


National Youth Weekend After the success of the Dunfermline weekend, another event is planned 14th – 16th November to be held at Gartmore near Aberfoyle.  Further details available from Gaynoll Craig. 


19th October World Mission Sunday  This day is a day of prayer for the Missions throughout the world – towards the end of the Church’s year which is marked by the feast of Christ the King. 


Choir  Inaugural meeting took place last Wednesday; a small, sensible and knowledgeable group are keen to explore all the possibilities.  We meet again next Wednesday and will begin to work on who does what and when. 

The aim is not to create another Sistine choir but to receive good from the past, and introduce the new. 



Bulletin 28th September 2014

Dick Whittington is the Wee Theatre’s production this year.  We have secured 19 seats for the night of Friday 4th December.  Curtain up at 7.30pm.  Cost is £10.00 and if you wish to book – with cash in your hand – contact Beth Mayberry.

In previous years a little ceilidh in the parish hall has preceded the performance; this could be arranged if wanted.


Pope Francis and the vocation of Grandparents

The Catholic Grandparents Association (CGA) will meet Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday September 28th.  It will be televised 9am – 10.30am on Vatican TV, streamed live.  http.//


Sunday 5th October marks the beginning of the special Synod of Bishops in Rome.  The main theme is the Christian Family; no doubt many other topics will be raised – Invocation of the Holy Spirit.


Sunday 21st September – National Youth Pilgrimage to Dunfermline.

Five of our young parishioners – Ghent, Catriona, Regan, Princess and Lewis are preparing for confirmation this year.  It was felt that the Youth pilgrimage to Dunfermline would be a useful experience, so with four of their parents they sallied forth.  An account with photographs is available in the Catholic Observer.

Bishop Hugh has proposed 16th November as a confirmation date.


Choir  We have talked about forming a choir for many moons; difficulties such as rehearsing times, availability of individuals etc. arise and hold us back.  But if we are to rehearse old favourites and introduce new stuff etc….  What about coming to the parish hall this Wednesday at 7.00pm?



Bulletin 21st September 2014

The Bishops Conference of Scotland recognises and respects the result of the Scottish Referendum, that Scotland should remain a part of the United Kingdom, and recommends all those who participated in what was a passionate and sometimes partisan debate.

The vast majority of Scots engaged with the Referendum and it is our hope that we can all now cooperate for the benefit of our nation in the future.

We urge the Catholic community to continue to engage in public debate and decision making and in doing so, to uphold the meaning and importance of the Christian message.  May God Bless Scotland
Sunday 21st September – National Youth Pilgrimage to Dunfermline

This day will be in honour of St. Margaret; last year a similar youth day in Perth was attended by 200 young people.  There will be fuller news of this event later in the month.

Our Candidates for confirmation plan to attend this youth pilgrimage.

Bishop Hugh has proposed 16th November as a confirmation date
CatechistsThere will be a workshop on Methods of Teaching for all catechists at Bishop’s House on Saturday November 15th from 10.30am – 3.00pm.  To book a place Tel. 01224 638675 or email


The Indigo Project

The new skill centre in Gambia has now been set up.  A container recently went there from his district carrying all sorts of equipment too aid this project – even things which seem unimportant; desks, chairs, beds, hand sewing machines etc.  Things from your loft scan raise funds at car boot sales.  See the noticeboard


Bulletin 14th September 2014

Your Generosity is noted:

Returns to SCIAF and other charities for the Middle East have been away above the expected.  So, starving children are praying for you .  TG


Referendum Thursday – do vote.


Feast of Exaltation of the Cross

St. Helena, the mother of Constantine the emperor in the fourth century, went to Jerusalem to venerate the places where Jesus had lived.  She had the Holy Sepulchre built and three crosses were found near Calvary.  There are many relics from these crosses venerated all over the world.  The Church of the Holy Sepulchre has been kept safe through all the wars since then.


Sunday 28th September

Pope Francis has declared that on Sunday 28th Sept., the whole Church is to pray for the General Assembly of the Bishops: this synod will meet from 5th – 19th October and their theme will be The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the context of Evangelisation.

A fuller account of the Synod discussions will appear in later numbers of the newsletter.  In the meantime we ask the Holy Spirits direction in this area of decision.


News from Bishop Hugh

1. Two Franciscan priests have arrived in Aberdeen to work in both universities, with a third priest coming later in the year.

2. Brother Simon of Pluscarden will make his solemn profession on September 14th.

3. The McLellan Commission is an interchurch body set up to promote the work of safeguarding children or vulnerable people from abuse.  More information of this work is available on:-


Sunday 21st September – National Youth Pilgrimage to Dunfermline

This day will be in honour of St. Margaret; last year a similar youth day in Perth was attended by 200 young people.  There will be fuller news of this event later in the month.


19th October World Mission Sunday

This day is a day of prayer for the Missions throughout the world – towards the end of the Church’s year which is marked by the Feast of Christ the King.



Bulletin 24th August 2014

There will be no newsletter for the next two weeks – please see the printed sheets at the back of the church during this time.  Normality to be resumed mid September.


Iraq and the Church in need.  Two cheques in your name have been sent through the diocese to these desperate needs.  £458.10 and £219.90 are a mark of your concern in the current crisis.  Many thanks for your generosity.


Coming events

Certificates for the ministers who signed on the dotted line have arrived; a second batch will be sent in to the office in due course.  Then during a ceremony on a Saturday vigil and on a Sunday morning, they will be presented.

Thanks to all for their patience.



Bulletin 17th August 2014

Amendment to last weeks bulletin regarding the new Sunday mass time:

The Sunday mass on 24th August 2014 will be at 11.30am  This will be the last Sunday mass at this time.

From Sunday 31st August, the time for the Sunday morning mass will change from 11.30am to 10.00am. 



Mid Week Bulletin 15th August 2014 – The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The appeal for the Persecuted Christians of Northern Iraq

The words of Bishop Hugh’s Pastoral Letter last Sunday did not fall on deaf ears.  A cheque for £458.10 from the second collection has been sent to the diocese for the “Aid to the Church in need” in your name.  Caught cold of not, that was a very warm response.  Very many thanks.

As promised last week, a basket will be put at the back of the church as a second opportunity to catch any “leaves of Autumn”.

Reprinted is the prayer of the Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako.


the plight of our country

is deep and the suffering of the Christians

is heavy and frightening us,

therefore we ask you Lord

to assign us our lives,

to grant us patience and courage

to continue to witness to our Christian values

with trust and hope.

Lord, peace is the basis of any life;

give us peace and stability

to live with each other without fear, anxiety,

with dignity and joy.

Glory to you for ever.


National Youth Pilgrimage to Dunfermline 21st September

Catholic Youth Service Scotland is organising the 1st National Youth Pilgrimage to Dunfermline in honour of St. Margaret of Scotland on Sunday 21st September.  The WYD Palm Sunday Event we held at St. John’s Perth was a great success with approx. 200 young people from all dioceses.

Young people are asking to have opportunities to meet together with other young people so we have decided to have a National Pilgrimage


The Indigo Project Gambia  –  Donations wanted.

The project was set locally.  The aim of it is to support the poorest areas with education and tools to increase livelihood opportunities and the people there need your help.  Donations of all kinds of things are welcome.  Useful items will go by container to Gambia.  The rest will be sold at car boot sales or coffee mornings to raise funds for things like mosquito nets, text books, pharmacy supplies etc.   Items such as hand sewing machines, fabric, haberdashery and tools are most welcome and will help 25 + families learn a trade. Also needed are pens, pencils, notebooks, clothing, shoes and old suitcases for people to keep their belongings in.

Clear out your loft, shed or cupboards and help this project.  Any queries, contact Patricia Robertson.   Donations can be given to her at Church.  If you require contact details please mail the Webmaster via the Contact page.



Bulletin 10th August 2014

Change to Sunday Mass time

From 24th August 2014 the time for the Sunday morning mass will change from 11.30am to 10.00am.  This day also marks the resumption of Children’s liturgy – school holidays are over.  New rotas for Eucharistic ministers and readers will also come into being, hopefully at the same time.


Friday 15th August is the feast of the Assumption of our lady into Heaven and is a Holy Day of Obligation; there will be a vigil Mass on Thursday at 6.00pm and on the Friday at 10.00am


MacMillan Nurses Raffle.  A draw takes place in two weeks Tickets in after mass coffee.


Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Would £150 shopping vouchers help you?  A notice is posted at the back of the church offering to help in your shopping – details are available but this is not a recommendation, just information.


16th August; A day retreat led by Fr. Andrew Harden will take place at Stratherrick starting at 10am with tea/coffee.  Sunday Vigil Mass at 5pm.  The retreat “Touch of silence” will be an introduction to meditation.  Lunch will be provided.  For details contact the Webmaster via the Contact page.


17th August; Grandparents Pilgrimage to our Lady’s shrine at Carfin.  Bishop Keenan of Paisley will say the Mass at 3.00pm during which there will be a blessing of the Sick.  For further information call 07411111674


Sunday 31st August at 3.00pm at Greyfriars Convent Chapel.  A concert featuring Marius Wilk, Fiona Gordon, Isobel Burnie, Anna and Mary MacGillivray and the monks of Pluscarden.


Sunday 7th September National pilgrimage to Carfin in honour of St. Margaret.  A concelebrated Mass will be led by Archbishop Tartaglia and Bishop Keenan will give the homily.  More details will be available nearer the time.


TheLIGHT OF THE NORTH Autumn number has arrived and is available – one for each family, at the back of the church.


CONFIRMATION  Some more thoughts. 

We receive the strengthening of faith when we are confirmed.  It is an act of re-affirming our faith in Jesus Christ.  More importantly it strengthens the grace which helps us to put God at the first consideration in all that we do; this implies new responsibility to allow Christ to be seen by others through us.



Bulletin 27th July 2014

Sacraments – another look.

You remember the catechism definition? 

Outward sign of Inward grace – which came first, the sign or the grace?

Surely it is the grace; but what do we remember?

We remember the special dress and the occasion but these things only focus for us the idea that God has already given us the grace, even before we asked for it.

God’s grace is freely given to our spirit but we need to switch on; “Ask and you shall receive”

Hence prayer is not a luxury but a bare subsistence for us.


Crowded?  Yes.  Last week.

During the holiday season and all through the year we need more passkeepers to keep movement without danger.  Would you be prepared to help? In the meantime if you need to sit near the door or at the end of a bench, please keep the traffic flowing.



Bulletin 20th July 2014

Father Damian wishes to give you a very large thank you; you gave him £600 in the collection last week.  


Apostleship of the Sea

Bishop Peter remains National chaplain for the A.O.S.  Last Sunday was dedicated as the day of special prayer for the chaplains who help seamen in need.  This parish already had an occasion – to recall the anniversary of Fr. Damian’s ordination and to help his work in Africa.  There will be a basket at the back of the church should you wish to make a contribution to the Apostleship of the Sea.  


Great War (1914 – 1918) Commemoration Event

A nationwide remembrance of the 14-18 war; many soldiers from the northern regiments died.  Inverness and environs is taking part in this national honouring of their memory which will take place on Monday 4th August

2.00pm   A memorial Candle will  be taken in procession form the Old High Church in Inverness to St. Andres’s Cathedral.

3.30pm   A service in St. Andrews – marking the end of the area’s respect for the thousands of Highlanders who gave their lives in the war.

4.30pm   Eden Court – light refreshments.

An invitation to attend all parts of the event allows for people to join or leave the event at their convenience. 



Bulletin 13th July 2014

Morning Mass at 10.00am in St. Mary’s – Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th and Friday 18th July.  

Consideration is being given to mass times – change back cannot be done too quickly; change forward is easier without producing too much chaos.


Deanery pilgrimage to Stratherrick 30th August

See the Full Programme on the notice board.  It is worth having a look.  This is a beautiful spot in the mountains above Loch Ness; a spot which is easy of access, catering for body and soul………..its postcode for the sat nav is IV2 6UL.

Bishop Hugh will say mass at 12 noon………the Lady shrine offers the chance of a rosary, or exposition for peace and quiet or even a quiet ramble with your own thoughts.

For the “inner” man there is a Hogroast and BBQ – it would be sensible to take a plate or similar container for picnicking.  Tea of course will be provided.  

All we need now is for the Lord to provide a sunny day; get praying!


Missionaries at home

During the summer months, we have had the great pleasure of visits from Father Damian Martell and Father Terry Madden, both of whom have been working in central Africa for years.  Fr, Damian has provided daily mass in St. Margaret’s during his stay and today he will meet many of you in St. Mary’s after mass.  Fr. Terry came home in time to see his ailing mother before she died – say a prayer for her – and he has now been posted to London.

We are grateful to both for all their help during the summer and wish them all success in their work.



Bulletin 6th July 2014

St. Margaret’s Forres

A new parish priest, Mgr. Mathew Edusai, is being installed in St. Margaret’s Forres, by Bishop Hugh; with Fr. Barnett attending.


Morning Mass at 10.00am in St. Mary’s – Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Friday 11th July.


The British Medical Journal has an article by its editor Dr. Fiona Godlee advocating assisted dying.  Lord Falconer’s assisted Dying Bill is quoted; Green M.S.P. Patrick Harvie is taking forward similar legislation in Scotland; a petition with 2500 signatures is referred to as a nationwide support for the proposed law.

The British Medical Association does not associate itself readily with this position, but stresses a distinction between “assisted dying” and “voluntary Euthanasia”.


Eucharistic Ministers

The process of getting recognition from the Bishop involves a number of parishioners – and we need three ministers on a Sunday – so we need an enrolment, but it is too large to carry out in a oncer.  It would be handy firstly to have the signatures of those who are currently operative; new recruits and those who are away can be dealt with later, but a target date of September 1st for completion seems feasible.

What about some volunteers to read?  Spread the load is a good motto.



Jade Close, Valentina Sulejmani, Daniella Lewis, Jimmy Mackenzie, Jessica Macpherson and Shae Keogh.

We all enjoyed the occasion of their first Communion and they gave everyone there a great lift.  May God bless every step of their lives.


Meeting of the deanery priests in St. Columba’s Culloden

A fairly daunting agenda produced a number of ideas and suggestions as to what we could do.  Here are some of these ideas:

1. The current negative attitude towards the church is best dealt with humbly, with a determination to maintain the truth of Christ’s love for all.

2. The World Youth Day in Krakow in 2016 should be kept in mind as a possible pilgrimage to see he Pope – the cost will be kept under control!

3. The Apostleship of the Sea is helping visiting seamen – even in great difficulty.  The annual collection for this work is soon.  The port parishes are well aware of the difficulties!



Bulletin 22nd June 2014

Sunday 22nd June is the Feast of Corpus Christi, and in keeping with usual practice it is First Holy Communion Day.  Congratulations to:

Jade Close

Valentina Sulejmani

Daniella Lewis

Jimmy Mackenzie

Jessica Macpherson

Shae Keogh

Let us put this feast in our prayers for them for all their lives.


Day Retreat

On Saturday 28th of June there will be a day retreat at Stratherrick starting at 10 am with tea/coffee. Sunday Vigil Mass at 5 pm.  The retreat “Touch of silence” will be an introduction to meditation, given by Fr Andrew Harden.  Lunch will be provided. For details contact the Webmaster (via the Contacts page)


Eucharistic Ministers

The forms for signature are on display again at the back of he church.  If those who are “Old Hands” of some standing were to sign today, we can begin to organize for the Neophytes before everybody disappears on holiday.  Another fresh start.


Clanis an organisation to support anyone affected by cancer. 

Clan House, 120 Westburn Road, AB25 20A

01224 647000



Bulletin 15th June 2014

Sunday 22nd June is the feast of Corpus Christie and in keeping with usual practice it is First Holy Communion Day.  We have five young people with a sixth possibility who will make their Holy Communion – a day of celebration for all the parish, so please pray for them during the coming week.

Sunday 29th JuneDiocesan Pilgrimage to Pluscarden Abbey.

This annual pilgrimage is an opportunity to meet and see other members of the diocese – pray for a dry day!  Bishop Hugh will lead the pilgrimage.

1.00pm   Exposition in the Lady Chapel till 3.00pm

    Sacrament of Confession will be available in St Benedict’s Retreat till 3.00pm

3.30pm   Principal Mass of the day followed by a procession to the Lady shrine.



Bulletin 8th June 2014

Prayer for Peace

Bishop Hugh writes “On this Pentecost Sunday, Pope Francis will be receiving the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli President Shimon Peres in Rome for an encounter for prayer.  He has also invited Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople to attend.  This is an inspired initiative and deserves the whole-hearted support of our prayers”

The media has given little cover to the Holy Father’s visit to Palestine.



Bulletin 25th May 2014

If you were planning to attend the Catechist course / workshop – even just to observe – don’t forget the date is Saturday 24th June and will be in the convent in Elgin.

Welcome to Fr. Damian Martell who has a short break at home this summer.  We hope to see him for mass some time.



Bulletin 18th May 2014

European parliament election – this Thursday 22 May.  It is important that you use your vote – select you choice by voting.


Highland Foodbank.  Opening times at St. Mary’s are between 12 noon and 2pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  The organisers wish to pass on their thanks for you recent donations of food, without which it would be impossible to get the foodbank going.  Volunteers are always needed and training will be given.  Please contact the Webmaster (see contacts tab) for further information.


Friday 23rd May 12.30pm – a funeral mass for the late John Lamont (Cawdor) will replace the earlier ten o’clock mass.  The reception will precede mass and the interment will take place in Nairn cemetery immediately afterwards.  May he rest in peace.


Advance notices:

The Feast of the Ascension is kept as a Holyday of Obligation in Scotland and is celebrated on Thursday 29th May.  This is not maintained in many places, so if you are on holiday elsewhere do not be surprised at this change. 

Mass on Thursday 29th May – 10.00am in Forres, and 6.30pm in Nairn.  Please note, there will be no Vigil Mass.


Saturday 31st May – there will be no Vigil Mass.  Mass times as usual on Sunday 1st June.



Bulletin 11th May 2014

Good Shepherd Sunday 2014   Priests in our land

Traditionally this Sunday has been kept in Scotland to get us to think about the role of the priest in this country and to pray that the voice of Christ speaking to all of us may be heard.

“The Vatican has disciplined more than 3400 catholic priests over sexual abuse in the last ten years and 848 of them have been laicised”.

The question may spring to mind to ask why this has happened.  We cannot change the past but we can work to change the future and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us that all may grow closer to the God Who gives us life.

What we can do is to strengthen our family life – to make Christ the centre of all our activity; our lives need to reflect what He has taught us – that grace builds on nature and our nature may become wayward if we do not support each other. 

We know that the task of the priest is to be familiar with Christ and to make others familiar through Scripture and the Holy Eucharist.  Jesus said to Peter “watch and pray” – this applies to us.  If we pray in our families and have the faith as a way of life, Christ will invite young people to the priesthood.


A weekend of hiking and pilgrimage to Scalan by young adults from the Aberdeen diocese will take place 23-25 May 2014.  Are you interested?  Full details of this weekend are on the notice board, or to find out more and to register, please visit the Dominican Sisters website



Bulletin 4th May 2014

Dufftown St Mary’s.  Bishop Hugh will be saying Mass at 7.00pm on Monday 5th May to mark the completion of the restoration of the church in Dufftown.


New diocesan youth website.  The Dominican nuns in Elgin invite you to use this facility to keep informed of what occurs for young people.  You can read this on:-  There you will find events, news, parish life in the diocese.  You may contact Sister Imelda Ann at the Greyfriars convent if you wish further news – and add any which you may have to offer.


The Sunday Calendar for the rest of the summer season

The Easter season lasts until Pentecost, 8th June.  During this time the theme is put before us of the growth of the church; on Ascension Day we see that Christ delegates His work to the Apostles, and on Whit Sunday we celebrate the visible presence of the Holy Spirit in that church.

Ascension Day is kept as a Holyday of Obligation in Scotland (i.e. if you are on holiday elsewhere, the feast of the Ascension is kept on Sunday 1st of June).

St. Matthew’s gospel is read at Sunday mass for much of the rest of the year.  Many of Jesus’ parables are put before us so that we can grasp the nature of the church.


Ministry – much of this work is done by a few; you may be approached to help in this important work in the near future; please think of it.



Bulletin 27th April 2014

April 27th – Canonization of Pope John XXIII and of Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Rome.  There will be a TV report on EWTN starting at 7.30am.  Preparation in the Vatican has been made for about 5 million either in the square or in Via Conciliatione. 

Pope Francis has specially asked for your prayers for peace in the Middle East and Central Africa, and to ask for guidance of the Holy Spirit to do what we can to give priority to the sufferings of the poor throughout the world. 



ALL VOLUNTEERS are requested to attend the final training session on Tuesday 29th at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall.

An important meeting to discuss duties and rotas and the launch on Tuesday 13th May.



Bulletin 20th April 2014

The Holy Week services were well attended this year although not all times suited all people.  Extremely clement weather revived the old dictum that the sun always shines on Good Friday; a number or visitors from other places made their presence felt, while some of our own parishioners brought solidarity elsewhere.  Gaudia Paschalia.

Many thanks to all who have put in the hard work needed to bring our Easter to a joyful occasion.



Bulletin 13th April 2014

The Canonisation of Pope John XXIII and John Paul II will take place on Sunday 27th April.  There will be thirteen 3D cameras which will make the occasion available; Cineworld, Odeon, Showcase, PictureHouse and Movies@ cinemas will make his showing available.


Holy Week Services

Tuesday                    Forres 10.00am

Wednesday               Nairn 10.00am

Maundy Thursday     Forres 6.00pm

                                  Nairn 7.30pm

Good Friday              Forres 3.00pm – Liturgy of the day

                                  Nairn 6.30pm – Liturgy of the day


Bulletin 6th April 2014

Chrism MASS this year will be in St. Mary’s Beauly on Thursday this week 10th April.  The Holy oils to be used in the sacraments are blessed by the Bishop; all the clergy renew their determination to work for the good of all the local people.  Mass starts at 7.00pm and is a mass of affirmation of faith by all who attend.

Nairn Patient group.  There will be a meeting in the Community Centre on 22nd April at 7.30pm.  Agenda; all matters concerning patient care.



Bulletin 29th/30th March 2014

New Dawn Scotland will have a conference on 7 – 11 July.  In previous years this has been in St. Andrews and is meant for families and younger people.  There is a strong team of speakers from a varied background but most of all it gives time to step off life in the presence of God for a few days.

New Evangelisation

Pope Francis has called for greater use of the Sacrament of Penance.  Every diocese will have a church open on the current weekend “according to … circumstances” with a priest on hand to hear confessions.  Before each of the remaining Station masses a priest will be available to hear confessions.  ……pastorally this should be seen as part of the Lenten “compass setting” and Pope Francis would like Laetare weekend to be kept in this way.



Bulletin 22nd/23rd March 2014

Tuesday 25th MarchFeast of the Annunciation.  There will be a mass in St. Mary’s Inverness at 7.00pm with a special preacher Fr. Anthony Nye SJ.

Wednesday 26th March Day of recollection for clergy, Religious, Third Orders Consecrated lives –  St Columba’s Culloden starting at 10.00am.  Led by Fr. Tony Nye SJ.  Exposition – Mass – opportunity for confession – topic for discussion in QA sessions on Pope Francis’ Jesuit formation.

Saturday 5th April The Mary MacKillop nuns will be coming for a day of recollection.  10.00 am start in St. Mary’s Hall.  Finish 3.30 pm.  Usual catering facilities.

Catholic Heritage day for teenagers26th April 2014 10.30am – 17.00pm St Mary’s chapel and Blairs museum.  The day will include mass with Bishop Hugh, lunch provided by St. Mary’s parish, and a visit to Blairs museum.  No charge but donations welcome.

5th July Bishop’s Golden Jubilee trophy.  The venue this year is Duff House Royal Golf Club in Banff.  Tee time from 12.00 noon.  Cost to include a round of Golf and a two course meal £45.  The format will be stapleford using full handicaps with best two scores counting for a team score.  Non playing members can have tea for £12.

Wee Boxes are due in next Sunday – when there is also a second collection for the work of Sciaf.



Bulletin 15th/16th March 2014

The Station Mass at St. Mary’s was a very successful meeting of many parishioners from all over the Highland deanery.  Both Bishop Hugh and Bishop Peter came and gave a lively focus to the Mass.  The Gaelic choir gave an immaculate rendering of the psalm.  The hospitality afterwards was of the usual high standard.  Many thanks to all. 

St. Mary’s Website

The news section is extensive and is well worth a study.  Sister Imelda Ann is working hard to cater for youth needs and activities.  Why not look up to find out what they are up to.


Bulletin 8th/9th March 2014

Straight from the Press

Light of the North.  The Spring number arrived yesterday from the Press.  There is an ever widening scope in the magazine for the interests of every member of the family, not least being the introduction of a DATES FOR YOUR Diary.  Do take a copy home and READ it.
Mass in the Highlands 2014
This pamphlet is an old friend but it has undergone an expansion and is invaluable for tourists as an outline of church facilities.  If you are going to a place you do not know well, (even if you are a golfer) it is an introduction – e-mail and phone numbers are available.
St. Mary’s Website
The organisation section includes a page on the Highland Foodbank.  There is a shopping list of non-perishable items suggested by the Trussell Trust so that if certain items are running low, it is possible to be practical in your help.  Consult www.nairn.diocese for further information.
World Youth Day
Many young people throughout Scotland have suggested an Interdiocese World Youth Day in Scotland.  the Catholic Youth service accordingly are organising a day on Sunday 13th April at 3.00pm in St. John’s Church, Perth. 
3.00pm – message of Pope Francis for World Youth Day
Procession of Palms followed by Mass
5.15pm Dinner (courtesy of St. John’s Parish)
Young adults, Youth and families are all welcome – on Palm Sunday.


Bulletin 1st/2nd March 2014

Stations of the Cross; During Lent we have had Stations on Sunday evening at 6.00pm – numbers are not great.  A change of time to after the Saturday evening mass has been suggested – call Dorothy to discuss.


The season of Lent is a time for taking stock – not for breast beating but for looking for improvements.  In the parish one such improvement is to increase the number of parishioners who are readers at mass, or Eucharistic ministers.  We need more to fill vacancies or lighten the burden on the few.  What about it?



Bulletin 22nd/23rd February 2014

Sung mass.  How many people know the old Latin Missa “De Angelis”?  Could we sing this at the Station Mass in St Mary’s when Bishop Hugh comes?  Many of the older people will remember this – and younger people who have listened to broadcasts will recognize it.


LUMEN FIDEI – a letter from Pope Francis

“Shining the light of Faith is the title of Pope Francis’ letter on the need for our generation to have a focus of values.  We have just finished the Year of Faith; it is the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council.  Where do we stand today?

The letter is divided into four chapters:-

Chapter 1. Faith in the Old Testament; in the New Testament and the Church

Chapter 2. Faith in the modern world (philosophy, science, world religions)

Chapter 3. The essentials of Faith (creed, sacraments, prayer, morality)

Chapter 4. Faith and Society, Faith and the Common good.


Bulletin 15th/16th February 2014

Sung mass.  How many people know the old Latin Missa “De Angelis”?  Could we sing this at the Station Mass in St Mary’s when Bishop Hugh comes.


There will be a requiem mass in St. Mary’s on Wednesday 19th February at 10.00am for the funeral of Mitchell Main, followed by interment in the Main family lair.  After the death of his wife, Margaret some years ago, the family moved to Falkirk.  Former friends of the family may wish to attend – all are welcome. 


There will be a Workshop for all catechists at Greyfriars Convent, Abbey Street, Elgin on 14th June 10.45am – 3.45pm.  Methods of teaching for Sacramental preparation.  Please consult the flyer on the notice board.


Late news – The Belgian parliament is being pushed to agree to an Act of Parliament allowing Child Suicide.  Please read the notices about this.  The matter was discussed at the recent Elgin pastoral council meeting.



Bulletin 1st/2nd February 2014

Mass change – The Station Mass on 11th April will be held at Immaculate Conception Stratherrick.

The Chrism Mass and blessing of the oils will be in St. Mary’s Beauly this year on 10th April at 7.00pm, with Bishop Hugh leading the concelebration. 


Bishop Hugh hasa sent a letter to report on what Sciaf are doing this year.  “SCIAF has adopted a slimmed down approach – 18,000 fewer boxes, much reduced printed materials and delivery several weeks earlier than previously”.

The focus this year is on SCIAF’s work in Columbia; its aim is to reduce hunger, to ensure human dignity and to help vulnerable communities protect their way of life for themselves and future generations.


Activities for young people:

A) Saturday 1st March – Kilcoy Castle for 16-20 age group

B) There will be a World Yout Day in Krakow, Poland.  Details yet to be fixed.

C) 16th March – Wine and Cheese Hospitality for young people after the 6.30pm Mass in St. Mary’s Inverness.


Sunday 2nd February – Before each mass there will be a short service, blessing candles used throughout the coming year.  Seldom do we have Candlemas day on a Sunday; in large parishes, or religious communities this involved a procession which is disturbing for smaller groups.  But it is worth remembering how the early church needed candles in the darkened catacombs and saw the light of Christ symbolised in such a ceremony.


Bits from Catholic Papers:

  1. The Archbishop of Glasgow has moved the age of confirmation for young people to primary 7.  Some years back it was thought useful to have this ceremony at the beginning of teens.  What do you think?
  2. Belarus children came regularly on holiday to the Moray coast – now the Bishop of Minsk has come to York to relate that the Church in that part of the world is being persecuted by “secular” government agencies. 



Bulletin 25th/26th January 2014

Station Masses

7th March       St. Columba’s Culloden

14th March     St. Mary’s Nairn

21st March     St Ninian’s Inverness

28th March     St. Joseph’s Invergordon

4th April          Christ the King Brora

11th April        St. Mary’s Inverness  – see change on 1st/2nd Feb bulletin


Wee Boxes

Every year, just before Lent, a shower of Wee Boxes descends on unsuspecting parishioners.  This is organised by SCIAF – to the uninitiated, The Scottish International Aid Fund, and this year they want you to know what they are up to.  Barring tsunamis’, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and all the other everyday disasters of 2013, SCIAF will make a special effort this year in Columbia.  To make the work more transparent, a series of exhibitions are being displayed as follows:-

1st Feb. SCIAF Office Glasgow G3 6BE 19 Park Circus 10.30am

8th Feb. St. Peter’s Morningside EH10 4AN 77 Falcon Eve 11.00am

13th Feb. Diocesan Centre Dundee DD3 6XY 24 Lawside Rd. 6.00pm

23rd Feb. Cathedral Aberdeen AB10 1SH 12.30pm

If you can make it, call 0141 354 5555; good hospitality will be provided!


Catholic Education Week will take place this year 23rd February – 1st March.  “Shining the Light of Faith” a phrase coined by Pope Francis teaches that faith is a need for us to illuminate our generation.  It is a time for reflecting on how we, adult followers of Christ, can pass on the faith to the coming generation – we do not have many catholic schools in the North to support family efforts, but if we discover our local schools religious education we can bring a Christian attitude to bear.  A prayer together, a spontaneous discussion can help young people a lot without being burdensome.  Most of all, attending parents evenings might shine a light.


The St. Barnabas Societysent us a newsletter as a reminder of their work.  It was founded as the CONVERTS Aid Society, for clergy or religious of other denominations who wished to become catholics.

To change churches with all sincerity is always difficult.  For married clergy or religious sisters it is very challenging – a whole way of life is altered.  In Scotland the late Fr. Ronald Walls left Inverurie as a married minister; he had to struggle to survive financially; his much loved wife died in a car crash, and eventually he became a priest in this diocese. 

Your prayer for the work of the Scoiety is their earnest request.



Bulletin 18th/19th January 2014

St. Margaret’s School enrolment

St. Sylvester’s Catholic primary is now enrolling for the next academic year.  The Head Teacher, Christine Jackson, can be contacted on 01343 550672


The Forres Social Work Dept. sent a letter of warm thanks to all who contributed food donations for vulnerable families at Christmas.  All your donations went to people who lived locally and who genuinely needed help.  The inspiration for this effort came from the young people of the parish. 


The British Legion Hall Nairn has booked for a coffee morning on February 1st in support of RNLI; on the following weekend, 8th Feb there is a coffee morning on behalf of the Indigo Project in Gambia.  Please note the amended dates. 


Church Fundraiser

There will be a coffee morning in aid of Aberlour, Braes, Dufftown and Tomintoul churches on Saturday 4th February at St. Sylvester’s from 9.30.

Report has it that Tombae may have to be closed.  Dufftown has been extensively restored.

Incidentally the annual pilgrimage to Scalan this year will be on 6th July.

In addition it is hoped to assist the work with involving the young people of Elgin

A Saturday morning in  Elgin could be completed in St. Sylvester’s

See the flyer in the church notices


Instruction on Gay marriage in the schools may be a controversy this spring.  A report tells that a Church of Scotland minister was removed from his position of chaplain at a Gaelic school by the Glasgow City Council because he described homosexuality as a disorder. 

An anti-Catholic petition was put to the Scottish parliament by the Edinburgh Secular Society to ensure that Catholics should not be nominated to education Committees; the petition was placed under further investigation.


Foodbank here in Nairn

Over Christmas and the New Year, you have been very generous in supporting Foodbank.  Tins or other forms of longlife are best; and this work will continue – but perishables like jams or cakes might suffer in being moved or processed.  Tin openers will be provided.


January 18th – 25th is a week of Prayer for Church

You do not need public demonstration to join in that prayer; each diocese looks after that side – but your personal prayer is vital.


More church chat

1. Jesus saves – are you with the Woolwich?

2. Work for God – the fringe benefits are out of this world.



Bulletin 11th/12th January 2014

Please remember in your prayers: Peggy Walker recently injured in a car accident, and Dick Ruane who has been in Raigmore.

Earlier in the Christmas season, the funerals took place of Florence Dennis and Maybell Semple.  Last week Jessie Royan of Forres and Elizabeth Williamson of Nairn have died.  All four leave very good memories of successful lives, and your prayers are well deserved. RIP.


Fund raising over Christmas Time

Collections last week in the parishes: Nairn £337p, Forres £222.99p.  Both are good Sunday collections – many thanks for your generosity.  Our two missionary priests Fr. Martell and Fr. Madden have received good support from you for their work.  We may well see both of them in 2014.



SCIAF too has sent a letter of thanks for you support for the rescue in Syria and in the tornado torn Philippines.  A report has been posted on the noticeboard in the church.


Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Stephen Dunphy came to Nairn on 5th January to upgrade volunteers for the disclosure check and there was a 100% attendance. 

There is another refresher session on Wednesday 5th February 7pm – 8.30pm in St. Mary’s Hall.  All volunteers, whatever their role within the church are welcome but it is mandatory meeting for those involved with children or vulnerable adults.  Refreshments will be available.  Contact Beth Mayberry


Church Fundraiser

In aid of Aberlour, Braes, Dufftown, Elgin and Tomintoul, there will be a church fundraiser on Saturday 4th February at St. Sylvester’s from 9.30.  A Saturday morning in Elgin could be completed in St. Sylvester’s.  See the flyer in the church notices.


Instruction on Gay Marriage in the schools may be a controversy this spring.  See the newspaper article at the back of the church. 


The Catholic Parliamentary office issues a regular review and their summary clarifies the advance of secularism.  In addition to the question of gay marriage, topics covered include: the marriage Bill in the Scottish parliament and the whole issue of the nature of Marriage.

Another section deals with the Sectarianism Report – no clear definitieon of the nature of sectarianism is offered but it does say “We do not believe that sectarianism stems from………, denominational schooling……… specifically Catholic schools”

A third section deals with assisted suicide as the practice of suicide becomes more “acceptable”.  A new group to survey the scene is called Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Europe, and its aim is to maintain human rights.  More information on the web at


On a lighter note – Religious Solecisms:

1.  Noah’s wife was called Joan of Ark.

2. Christians can only have on wife – this is called holy monotony.

3. The pope lives in a vacuum.



Bulletin 4th/5th January 2014

The Funeral of Maybelle Semple took place on Monday at 10.00am.  Mass was followed by interment at Nairn cemetery RIP. 

The Funeral of Florence Dennis took place on Saturday 4th January and interment was at Nairn cemetery. 

The Funeral of Jessie Royan will take place on Saturday 11ths Forres. 


The Society For The Protection Of The Unborn Child (SPUC) venerates the memory of Fr. James Morrow.  Accordingly they have published a prayer card in his memory and as a contribution to the pro-life cause.  Archbishop Tartaglia has given his approval to promoting this prayer programme.  There is a website 


Some items from the Catholic press;-

Pope Francis, on the feast of Stephen the first martyr, reminds us that persecution is still the lot of Christ’s faithful.  South Sudan has many Christians, and many people there have been killed over Christmas time.

Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics were denied admission to Bethlehem for Christmas.

In Iraq, the struggle between Sunni and Shi’ite Moslems leaves little space for others.

Other factors in Scotland – some MSP’s are still pressing ahead with moves to compel clergy to carry out “same-sex marriages”.  It is worth watching your local politicians on this issue.


Papal Synod Consultation

After the strenuous effort for Christmas and the New Year, you may have time to consider some of the thoughts of Pope Francis – more answers would be welcome.


Many thanks to all for their Christmas Celebration; all services were busy/packed, and the carol singing was loud, strong and musical.  God bless you all in the coming year.


May you have every blessing of health, good friends and peace in the coming year.