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Bulletin 18th December 2016

Reminder of mass times:


Christmas Eve (Saturday) “Midnight” mass at 8.00pm

Blessing of the Crib before 8.00 Mass

Christmas Day Morning Mass at 10.00am

26th December no public mass



Bulletin 11th December 2016

Your Charitable Donations in Advent.  Your many gifts donated for the social evening in advent raised £210.  It was proposed to divide this three ways:

  1. For the Christian Aid in Syria; because of the French influence in Allepo in the past, it came as no surprise to discover many of the inhabitants were Christian.  The news bulletins showed many women and children to be suffering.
  2. Mary’s Meals has long been supported in the parish
  3. The victims of the violence in Nigeria; recalling the two hundred girls who were kidnapped from missionary schools two years ago.

It is proposed to split this money three ways equally – after we discover about the possibility of receiving any tax rebate on this.


Further help was suggested for street children in the Philippines; to raise funds for this, on Saturday 17th December there will be a sale after mass of cakes and scones.  A similar hospitality could be provided after mass on Sunday 18th December; contributions of home baking etc, will be very happily received.

A dentist in the Philippines has agreed to help children with poor teeth – this is not meant as a comment on the baking!


The Testimony of John the Baptist.  We conclude the story of John the Baptist in the readings during advent.  The one message in all four Sunday gospel readings carry one message “behold the lamb of God”.




Bulletin 04th December 2016

There will be a second collection next Sunday to provide our flower celebration at Christmas Day masses.


Early warning about Christmas Mass times.

Christmas Eve (Saturday) “Midnight” mass at 8.00pm

Blessing of the Crib before 8.00 Mass

Christmas Day Morning Mass at 10.00am

26th December no public mass


2017 – The Year of Matthew.  We called the year which is coming to an end (2016) the year of Luke because our Sunday readings were built around the narrative of St. Luke’s gospel.  Advent marks the beginning of a new sequence built around the gospel of Matthew.

The first section links the Old Testament covenant with the fulfilment of the promises of a Messiah.  John the Baptist heralds the arrival of the Messiah.

The first six weeks outlines and explains the life which Jesus Christ laid before us – a way to happiness.

Then is laid before us the route of our happiness leading to heaven.  Jesus by His miracles and teachings indicates to us the way we can follow His route back to the Father – the completion of all human existence.

At Christmas we celebrate God’s care for us in the Nativity.  We can fulfil His covenant by following Christ.



Bulletin 27th November 2016

Wednesday 30th November is the feast of St. Andrew; Holy Mass at 10.00am to celebrate Scotland’s national Patron.


Seminarians Bursary Fund.  A leaflet is available at the back of he church listing the names of the seminarians attached to the diocese.  The stage of training of the seminarians is outlined – and the cost per year for the training.

A photograph of the student situation in Rome is also available in the Catholic Observer.  If you would like to give financial aid to the diocese, there is a charitable declaration form for signature in the paper; but all of us can help with our prayer support – the number of priests is diminishing rapidly.  In other Scottish dioceses, amalgamation of two or three parishes is becoming more frequent.  

To help with this shortage, the Edinburgh archdiocese is working on an App for finding mass and confession times in the surrounding areas – a full report on this is on the front page of the Catholic Observer.



Bulletin 20th November 2016

Parish Social Evening – Friday 2nd December at 7.00pm

There will be a pre-Christmas Social evening in the parish hall.  All are welcome; if you are a baker or a musician you will be doubly welcome.  But if you just saunter in there will be a welcome for you.  

Prizes for the Raffle have already come in – a box will be put out in the back of the church for any prizes which you may choose to give.  Raffle tickets are now available.  Many thanks.


The first week of Advent is a great time for recalling so many great figures of the past.  As the season begins with the celebration Christ the King, we have the opportunity to venerate His Mother on the Feast of Mary’s presentation in the temple.  Next comes the feast of St. Cecilia, the patron of musicians; during that first week comes the feast of St. Columban, born in Ireland – he was the founder of the great Abbey of Bobbio which survived unto the 20th Century.  Next comes St. Andrew Dung Lac, the Vietnamese who was canonised a saint along with 117 others by Pope John Paul; at the end of that first week of Advent we venerate St. Catherine of Alexandra.

During this week we also venerate St. Andrew and we end up with St. Francis Xavier.  Nuff?


Early warning about Christmas Mass times.

Christmas Eve (Saturday) “Midnight” mass at 8.00pm

Christmas Day Morning Mass at 10.00am

26th December no public mass




Bulletin 13th November 2016

The Season of Advent – Next Sunday we begin out thoughts of Advent.  Our liturgy quotes again and again from the prophet Isaiah, but other prophets also have a say.

All the prophets lived in a period of about four hundred years and their words were recorded because they seemed to be coming from God.  Their words were not foretelling the future but the prophets were anxious to shape their own generation and so they spoke in terms of their own generation.  Their whole way of life preached the message, sometimes it was encouraging but other times it was a rebuke but always it was a declaration of God’s care for Man.

So we enter the season with alertness to see what the Lord says to each off us to make us closer to Him and to all His children. 



Bulletin 06th November 2016

Social evening.  It is proposed to have a social evening near the end of November – adjacent to St. Andrew – suggestions would be very welcome.  Do you play an instrument?  Can  you bake?

Prizes for the Raffle have already come in – a box will be put out at the back of the church for any other prizes which you may choose to give.  Many Thanks


Thoughts from Pope Francis in this week’s Catholic papers

  1. Pope Francis visited Sweden (registered Catholic population 115,000) on All Saints Feast.  He said “We Christians will be credible witnesses of mercy to the extent that forgiveness, renewal and reconciliation are daily experienced in our midst”.
  2. On his flight back to Rome the Holy Father was questioned if the Catholic Church might one day have women priests and bishops.  He replied that the question was settled in 1994 by Pope John Paul – because Jesus chose only men as His apostles, ordination of women was not possible.
  • Apropos of this question, the Catholic Observer notes that Galloway diocese is training laity to carry out funeral services without a priest.  A Requiem Mass would be available, and if not a communion service with a funeral service would be provided.  None of the other dioceses have similar plans.  



Bulletin 30th October 2016

Tuesday 1st November is the feast of ALL SAINTS and is a Holy Day of Obligation.  There will be Holy Mass on Tuesday at 10.00am and at 6.00pm.  

ALL  SOULS DAY is on Wednesday, Holy Mass at 10.00am.  Evening mass at 6.00pm.


Social evening.  It is proposed to have a social evening near the end of November – adjacent to St. Andrew – suggestions would be very welcome.  Do you play an instrument?  Can  you bake?



Bulletin 23rd October 2016

30th October British Summertime ends – clocks one hour back!


Diary notes:  Tuesday 1st November is the feast of ALL SAINTS and is a Holy Day of Obligation.  There will be Holy Mass on Tuesday at 10.00am and at 6.00pm.  ALL  SOULS DAY is on Wednesday, Holy Mass at 10.00am.


November 27th – Beginning of Advent

Christmas Day occurs on a Sunday this year

Other Scottish feasts during this season:

St. Margaret – 16th November

St. Andrew – 30th November



Bulletin 2nd October 2016

Wednesday 5th October.  There is a clergy meeting in Elgin from 10.00am – 4.00pm so there will be no 10.00am morning mass, however there will be a mass at 8.30 in the morning.


Not in our name.  Cathy Warwick of the Royal College of Midwives is advancing a policy of allowing abortion right up to birth.  A large number of people have written to their M.P.’s to oppose this slaughter of the Innocents.  Your letter would help to swing the vote!



Bulletin 25th September 2016

A Pilgrim’s Tale.  You are invited to a social evening on Friday 14th October at 7pm in the Hall, to hear first hand what went on at World Youth Day.  Patricia Robertson will be sharing her memories of a pilgrimage of a lifetime.  Small donations of food welcome.  


Feast of St. Francis of Assisi; the secular Franciscan order will celebrate the Feast on Tuesday 4th October at St. Columba’s Culloden

10.30am Transitus service which prayerfully narrates the death of St. Francis.  Mass follows at 11.00am.

All are invited to join with local members for the celebration and refreshments.  


The Choir of King’s college Aberdeen will be taking part in a choral Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral on October 5th at 5.15pm to mark the anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral.

Victoria    Missa O Quam Gloriosum

Bruckner  Locus Iste

Mozart      Ave Maria



Bulletin 18th September 2016

Congratulations to Jade Valentina and Mia on this their very special day.  They wish to share their happiness with Bishop Hugh and thank him for coming to make this occasion very special.  We ask the Holy Spirit to guide them every day of their lives.


World Youth Gathering in Krakow.  In recent years, three of the Popes have called for young people to show their religious faith in a world rally.  Pope John Paul II invited a gathering to Czestochowa – to the shrine of the Black Madonna;  Pope Benedict decided to sail down the Rhine, where many young people were able to see and greet him, and he was able to bless them.  Pope Francis chose to greet the young people in Poland in an area three of four times greater than any previous display of faith.  In the vast throng, Aberdeen Diocese was represented, and even the parish of Nairn had three agents to experience this unique experience.  May the Holy Spirit ever guide them.



Bulletin 11th September 2016

Next Sunday Bishop Hugh will confer the sacrament of confirmation on three of our young people.  We keep them in our prayers and allow them to see the faith in our daily lives.


Thanks to so many of you who kept everything going in the absence of the parish priest.  Everything seemed to be in great order and working well, so many thanks for your care.  The Catholic papers were delayed; news coverage was delayed; this weekend was punctual! 


The World Youth Day produced a great expression of faith, and the Saltire was in evidence.  It is hoped to have a social evening as a report-back.  



Bulletin 14th August 2016

20th August.  Rally for Jesus at Stratherrick for the young people to share the experience of those who attended the World Youth Day with other young people.  10.00am – 5.00pm ending with Holy Mass at 3.40pm


3rd September.  There will be a Mother Teresa workshop in St. Columba’s.  The day will be dedicated to considering the work, spirituality and legacy of Mother Teresa.  It will start with Mass in the morning at 10.00am but the rest of the day offers talks, film clips, discussion, music, spiritual reading, adoration and prayer.  

Please see the post for further information



Bulletin 07th August 2016

Scottish Saints this month:

St. Oswald – 9th August.  Bishop of Argyll and Isles.  King of Northumberland; ally of St. Aidan – founded Lindisfarne.  Died 642

St. Blaan – 12th August.  Ally of St. Kenneth.  Helped in founding Dunblane.  Died 590.


World Youth Day Krakow is past, but we trust that its impact on bringing greater life to the young people will stay with them all their lives.

The Catholic papers give a fairly full account of events – Pope Francis did tell everyone to mix freely; teach Christ by action rather than words.


The Chernobyl Children’s lifeline.  The Belarus children returned home on 31st July apparently very happy with their trip – despite the absence of any good weather.  On their behalf, Cath Stevenson, the Lifeline’s secretary would like to thank the ladies team in St. Mary’s Nairn, particularly Emily and Bridget for a sumptuous supper and warm welcome.  All look forward to a continued effort for the future in this worthwhile venture.


Mountain Climbing??  How would you like to scale Ben Rinnes, Dufftown?  It will challenge some people but there is a well-worn hill-path and there are some extensive views all round.  If you would like to know more, contact Sabrina at


Women Deacons.  Last Wednesday’s P&J stated that Pope Francis intended to set up an official commission to study the question of the diaconate for women “regarding the early times of the Church”.  Whatever the panel concludes will be scrutinised for conformity to church doctrine; to say that those who are deacons now could be ordained priests shows a disappointing understanding of the nature of the two orders.  Priests do many tasks currently on maintenance or parish social live which can be done as well by non-priests; the practice of many protestant parishes seems to validate this position where the minister’s efforts are centred on Christ’s life and teaching. 

This would seem to indicate that we should pray for the Holy Spirit to guide out steps.



Bulletin 31st July 2016

World Youth Day 2016 – Recent Programme and Programme this week:

There was a Teenage International evening on 27th July

This week gave the participants the chance to join with Pope Francis and the young people throughout the world.  British television showed the Pope visiting the death camp of the Nazis in Auschwitz and giving some time for private prayer, while other scenes showed the Pope making his way through the crowds and greeting many of them.  

There are some pictures on display at the back of he church.  

The party who are travelling by road have the chance for a brief glimpse of Frankfurt and then Rheims.  They are due back in Dover that night; and in Aberdeen on 3rd August.

The diocesan Communication Officer has asked that any news, photographs etc. of this trip could be given local publicity through his office.


Prayers for Peace.  Pope Francis has urged all to pray that peace will be given to all the suffering people of the Middle East.  Many of the refugees are of the Syro-Malabar Church, completely in Union with the “Latins”.  Currently there are five chaplains in Scotland – Fr. Joseph Srampickal has been selected by Pope Francis to led them in this time of trouble.  Our own bishops have asked that on this Sunday we use the collect from the Roman Missal Mass for peace:

Lord, you guide all creation with fatherly care.  As you have given all of us one common origin, bring all of us peacefully into one family and keep all united in brotherly love in Christ Jesus.  Amen.

In a similar strain, the Jesuit Fr. General has asked for volunteers to work in the Near East with the aim of setting up an international group to work there.  


National pilgrimage to Carfin in honour of St. Margaret, Patroness of Scotland will be on Sunday 4th September.  The Mass, con-celebrated by Archbishop Tartaglia will start to 3pm; many priests from all the dioceses will concelebrate.

This national pilgrimage is an opportunity to pray for peace.  Sciaf is asking for help in Malawi, Ethiopia and South Sudan; the two latter countries are equally torn apart with the same problems as elsewhere.

Your prayers are as important as ever.



Bulletin 24th July 2016

Next week – 18th Sunday of the year.  Many of the usual ministers will be away and the number is growing smaller; it may well happen that the time of Sunday mass is extended; but they will start punctually, God willing!


World Youth Day 2016.  Programme this week starts in the Shrine of the Cure De Ars and setting out for Prague.  On 24th, either a mountain walk as a rest day or river canoeing; then a day in Czestochowa and a visit to the town of Maximilian Kolbe and then on to Krakow and a visit to the shrine of the Divine Mercy (St. Faustina)

There is due to be a Teenage International Teenage evening on 27th July.

The diocesan Communication Officer has asked that any news, photographs etc. of this trip could be given local publicity through his office.


The Catholic Press in Scotland is giving very good coverage this week.  Copies of the various groups will be on display at the back of the church. 


Prayer for Peace.  In view of the violence in France on Bastille day, and the disturbance in Munch last week, Pope Francis has asked that all should join in Prayer for peace during this holiday time.

The Conforti Education centre in Coatbridge is hosting a colloquium on 12th – 13th August to reflect on some of the difficulties on the more extreme representations in modern Islam.  Archbishop Mario Conti will be chairman of the meeting.  Further information can be found from


Other items; The Margaret Sinclair Story is a brand new play, performed as part of the Edinburgh Fringe, dramatising the life, times and everyday sanctity of Margaret (1900 – 1925).  It will be performed in St. Patrick’s Cowgate August 6th – 12th.



Bulletin 17th July 2016

The collection for the Apostleship of the Sea came to £111.22.  The donations towards the World Youth Day in Krakow covered the £1,000 and is still coming in.  All of which speaks of your generosity.  


Scalan.  There was a large turnout to celebrate the anniversary of the ancient seminary site – the bishops gave every encouragement: four archbishops and a bishop squeezed the day into their diaries.  

Young people are now offered a prize essay competition on the history of the college – the closing date is not till 23rd September thus leaving plenty of the summer available.  Details are available at the back of the church.  


The NEW DAWN conference at St. Andrews also drew large numbers.  Douglas Hunter, the director of New Dawn reports “we had a fantastic youthful presence, double our usual numbers”.  Every aspect of the faith is displayed and enthusiasm for understanding and learning is shown.  It is a fair distance to go but who knows next summer. 


World Youth Day sets off on Sunday 17th.  The opening Mass is in St. Mary’s Cathedral at 11.15am.  The first visit in France is at Solesmes where the great revival of Gregorian music started: thereafter to Lisieux (St. Teresa), Nevers, and Paray-le-Monial.  Places devoted to the devotion to the Sacred Heart.

July 22nd sees the crossing to German shrines – reports next week.



Bulletin 10th July 2016

The Apostleship of the Sea asks today for your support.  A basket for donations is available at the back.


World Youth Day – From Bishop Hugh

World Youth Day approaches.  Our diocese will be well represented, with some three groups going, bringing together some 140 persons.  I am grateful to the individuals, communities and clergy who have helped to prepare for this event, and I am aware of the amount of hard work covering various aspects – not least safeguarding – which has been put into this.  I look forward to being with our pilgrims in Krakow.

Prayers for this work to ask God’s blessing will bring the community together.


New Arrivals

1. The Daughters of Divine Love are well established now (From Nigeria – residing in the Huntly Street Inverness convent)

2. Sisters of the Holy Family of the Needy (From Nigeria – residing in Aberdeen)

3. The French Sisters of St. John are planning to come in 2018.


10th September – There will be a deanery pilgrimage to St. Mary’s Beauly.  Bishop Hugh will lead the pilgrimage.



Bulletin 26th June 2016

First Communion Sunday: Congratulations to Charlotte and Archie on the occasion of their First Holy Communion.  Also thanks to the people who worked so hard to make it a memorable occasion – especially to Elaine and her faithful team of catechists.  


Wednesday 29th June is the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul and is a HOLYDAY of Obligation.  There will be a morning Mass at 10.00am and an evening mass on Wednesday at 6.00pm


Today 26th June, the annual pilgrimage to Pluscarden takes place.  A full programme is available at the back of the church.  The Mass starts at 3.30pm; a Syrian priest Fr. Ghassan Sahoui S.J. will preach.  Refreshments are available in the marquee from 12 noon.  See also:


Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).  Any young person who is prepared to help persecuted Christians in the Middle East can tweet @ACN_Scotland or contact the Motherwell office 01698 337470.  Say a prayer for them every day.



Bulletin 19th June 2016

First Communion Sunday: Congratulations to Charlotte and Archie – and to the others who are celebrating in other places of good memory.



Bulletin 12th June 2016

Monday 13th June – Deacon Peter MacDonald will be ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Hugh in St. Mary’s Cathedral in Aberdeen.  Please keep him in your prayers


Sunday 19th June.  NEXT SUNDAY –  First Communion Day for  Charlotte & Archie.  The theme of the readings involve Kindness, Seeking for God and the price to be paid in that effort.  That is a hefty programme – it gives us much to pray for.  There will be an open celebration in the Hall after mass to which all are invited.  So let us rejoice at the grace of God coming to our young people.  


4th – 8th July.  New Dawn is holding a youth event at Madras College St. Andrews.  The Youth Section is open for 11-18 year olds.  Please consult the notice at the back of the church for more detail.



Bulletin 05th June 2016

Annual diocesan piligrimage to Pluscarden – 26th June 2016


Some years ago, some nuns came from the Pauline Press in America to Glasgow to provide a Catholic press and bookshop.  They opened a shop in Exchange Square and are now enlarging that store in St. Enoch’s Square.



Bulletin 29th May 2016

Day for Life.  A letter from Bishop Robson of Dunkeld will be read at mass.  The letter is accompanied with a useful picture card, copies of which are available at the back of the church.  (copy of the letter available on the post page)


The raffle timed to be made today has been relocated to 5th June – More tickets still available!


The Catholic papers for this week report a decision of the Aberdeen regional council to have after school classes for Catholic children in Harlaw Academy and this will start on August 22.



Bulletin 22nd May 2016

The Converts Aid Society, now renamed St. Barnabas Society continues to aid convert clergy.  A broadsheet of latest news is on the noticeboard at the back.


Sunday 3rd July – Annual Mass at Scalan beginning 4.00pm.  The college at Scalan was founded in 1716 and this year is special at a time when we are praying for more vocations to the priesthood.  Scalan is a place worthy of a visit apart from other historical considerations – as a place for a picnic.  Getting there?  Grantown – Tomintoul – Chapeltown.  


27th May – Prize bingo.  St. Columba’s church Culloden.


23rd June – Referendum on the European Union takes place.  DO VOTE – the General Election recently had only a 60% or so turn out; that is not enough.  Pray about it – do not get sick about it!


WEE BOX returns.  SCIAF reports that the Lenten collection amounted to £664.19; this sum was made up from the boxes AND the second collection at mass.  Both were matched by the government, resulting in your donation reaching £1328.28!!!!!!!!!!!



Bulletin 15th May 2016

Solemn Mass for Pentecost 15th May.  St. Peter’s Vatican; said by Pope Francis 9.00am.  EWTN & available on iPad and iPhone


12th June Dunfermline annual pilgrimage for St. Margaret.  Last year 1500 pilgrims came from all over Scotland to join in this day – from 10.00am onwards the traditional sites are open to visitors.  Nearby Pittencrieff Park is available for picnics etc.  Mass time 4.00pm.


Pentecost is the Hebrew celebration of Shavuot; the first fruits of the first crops were presented in the temple on the Passover – this reached completion when an offering of the final crops was made on Shavuot.  This was an image of Christ’s offering for mankind at Easter and a completion of His offering at Shavuot.  the Holy spirit accepts His offering; the Father creates us – the Son saves us and the Holy Spirit gives us all the help we need in this life.


29th May Feast of Corpus Christi – a timely reminder to keep First Communicants in our mind.

31st May the Feast of the Visitation – and this is Scotland’s Day for Life when we give our support to the apostolate for life.

3rd June Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; The feasts of Spring time all emphasise the Divinity of Jesus.  This feast tells us to look at the humanity of Jesus – God made Man.



Bulletin 8th May 2016

SPUC is a society for the protection of the unborn child.  Its members try to monitor the attitude in our modern world towards all human life.  A report on the RIGHT TO LIFE is available on the board at the back of the church.  Pray about it.


14th May – Pilgirmage to Stratherrick.  Starting at 10.00am, and ending with Mass at 4.00pm (see Post, or event page for more detail)



Bulletin 1st May 2016

Please keep in your prayers those who recently died:

Ada Equi and Des Coleman

May they rest in peace R.I.P.


GENERAL ELECTION THIS THURSDAY 5TH MAY.  What is the best for you, for Catholic schools etc.?  DO VOTE; after prayer.


Scottish Church Census.  Census day is 8th May and is meant to summarize religious attendance throughout Scotland.  Our bishops have expressed their desire to encourage this assessment.  The main questions are on the front page, but if you wish to fill in the rear, please do so.  Put your answers in the box at the back of the church – unread here!  Interesting reading?


8th May happens to be World Communications day.  To quote Pope Francis “what we say and how we say it, our every word and gesture, ought to express God’s compassion, tenderness and forgiveness for all”.  To speak with care is especially important in the world of digital social media.  As Christians we must always open doors to understanding – hurling insults simply entrenches misunderstanding.


15th May – Pentecost Sunday.  Whit Sunday marks the end of Eastertide.  22 May is Trinity Sunday; 29th May is the Feast of Corpus Christi.



Bulletin 24th April 2016

5th May – Ascension Thursday, is a Holyday of Obligation

Morning Mass – 10.00am

Evening Mass – 6.00pm

Ministers needed at both masses.  This feast is observed in England on Sunday 8th May



Bulletin 17th April 2016

Music Group – It has been proposed to form a young persons music group in St. Mary’s for instrumental / singing music.  For young people to get together is always worthwhile but music makes for enjoyment.  Anyone who is interested can find out more from Matthew McVeigh.


This also makes us realise that many more active helpers are needed; looking at the architecture of the buildings and the costing of them would be helped by a financial committee; Eucharistic ministers among the young would help their faith; while altar serving would add great dignity to our masses.  Many more readers at mass would make our Sunday readings more stimulating – religion all has personal value not just mechanical activity.  What about you?


Calendar Notes: From Tues pm 26th April there will be a priests meeting in Elgin until Wed pm 27th April.  Accordingly there will be no mass on Wed. 27th April.

The Feast of the Ascension of our Lord is observed in Scotland on Thursday 5th May which incidentally is the Polling Day for the Scottish Parliament.  

Pentecost or Whit Sunday falls on 15th May and marks the end of Easter-time.


Second Collections.  Bishop Hugh has asked that there should be a second collection this Sunday for the Bursary Fund for seminarians; this collection was taken up unasked at the Station Mass.  At our Sunday masses a basket will be available for anyone wishing to aid the fund further.


A special collection will be taken up in all Catholic churches throughout Europe on Sunday 24th April for the persecuted people of the Ukraine – to help all who have suffered so much for their faith.   



Bulletin 10th April 2016

There will be a coffee morning on Saturday 23rd April in the Royal British Legion.  This is meant as a fund raiser for the pilgrimage to Krakow when some of our young people will join in the World Youth Day.  Prizes for a raffle and the help of others will make this a day to remember.  Incidentally the feast of St. Stanislaus is on Monday – it was in Krakow where the World Youth Day will take place that he was martyred. 


Diocesan Golf Outing.  The annual golf competition will take place on 1st July.  Full details are not to hand – this is an early warning.  A parish team of three or four can be entered by 30th May.  


Following the shepherd;  Everyone is aware of the diminishing number of priests in Scotland; the Catholic Observer points out that statistically the number of Catholics in Scotland is increasing “a wee bittee”.  Bishop John Keenan has produced a display of each diocese and a thought for prayer during a novena concluding on a week on Sunday.  Would you join in?



Bulletin 3rd April 2016

Holy week 2016 will remain in many minds; it was a grand effort from the Garden of Gethsemane; right through to the big breakfast on Sunday; the Music ceremony of quiet, lights, and simple prayer.  It is worth recalling the events as a time of effort and contentment.  Congratulations and thanks to all.


S.V.D.P. meeting Wednesday 6th April at 7.00pm in the church hall.  


There will be a coffee morning on Saturday 23rd April in the Royal British Legion.  This is meant as a fund raiser for the pilgrimage to Krakow when some of our young people will join in the World Youth Day.  Prizes for a raffle and the help of others will make this a day to remember.


S.P.U.C. have been organising a prize Draw since before Easter; There are prizes of £500, £250 and £100 and the draw will take place on 7th May.  Tickets cost £1 and are available at the back of the church.


Wednesday 6th April.  There will be a Divine Mercy pilgrimage at Stratherrick from 10.00am – 17.00pm.  A wide variety of activities to suit different age groups will be available.  Full details can be had in the flyer at the back of the church.



Bulletin 20th March 2016

May this Easter bring you every blessing and joy


Light of the North – The Easter number of the diocesan magazine is available at the back of the church.  It is larger than ever and has something for all differing tastes – even the laughs page is fresh.  There is no fixed price but a contribution of £1.00 would help to pay for production costs. 


Reports from activities

1. The Station Mass was a very good welcoming to all who came to the full church.  Bishop Hugh welcomed as many as he could after mass and the parishioners who laid on the meal afterwards achieved the expected high standards.  

2. The trip of the young people to Aberdeen Cathedral was enjoyed by all, both for the trip itself and the thought of the pilgrimage to Krakow in the summer.  Their hope is to raise funds towards the Krakow visit and any assistance offered here or in the Sunday morning shop would be very welcome.

3. Holy Week Maundy Thursday “Lords” Supper was good in attendance – to get a universally useful time is not easy – 6.00pm is a compromise.  GOOD FRIDAY was devotional and thoughtful of Christ.  “Stay Awhile” was appreciated by those who could attend; Candlelight, Music and enthusiasm is a good foundation.  Ministry next week reverts to normal.  There are lists available.  



Bulletin 20th March 2016

The Station Mass took place on Friday evening.  Bishop Hugh led twelve priests in concelebration; it was truly an international prayer.  There was not a place unoccupied and this was reflected in the strong singing – Latin, English and Gaelic.  No collection was announced but one was taken up spontaneously and led to a generous donation to the Seminary Fund.


Reminder – Next Sunday 27th March, Easter Sunday, clocks go forward one hour.


Holy Week Services

23rd March “Spy Wednesday” – Mass at 10.00am

24th March Holy Thursday – Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 6.00pm

25th March Good Friday – 3.00pm Solemn Liturgy; Holy Communion.  7.00pm “Stay Awhile” two hours for quiet prayer / reflection in the church (hot drinks in the hall 7 – 9)

26th March Holy Saturday – Vigil Mass of Easter Sunday 6.00pm.  

27th March Easter Sunday – Mass 10.00am.  A big breakfast after mass offers the occasion for an Easter Social greeting.


There is a fair chance that you might be away; if so please find cover – and this is a hint that Mass on Holy Thursday and the Good Friday readings will be arranged ad hoc; The Passion on good Friday is arduous for the Narrator!



Bulletin 13th March 2016

The final Station Mass will be here at St. Mary’s on Friday 18th March.  Bishop Hugh will lead a concelebrated Mass at 7.00pm


Reminder – 20th March – Palm Sunday.  St Mary’s Aberdeen World Youth Day Mass.  Archbishop Cushley and Bishop Hugh will lead a concelebrated Mass at 1.00pm to enable young people from all over Scotland to sample Krakow.



Bulletin 6th March 2016

16th MarchEaster Garden 6.30pm.  Young people and others are welcome to a quiet evening in the church (45 mins max)


21st March St. Mary’s Beauly – “Thirsting for Mercy”.  Fr. Domenico Zanre will lead a day’s retreat in preparation for the three Holy Days leading up to Easter.


25th March – Good Friday.  7.00pm “Stay Awhile”.  Ten minutes or two hours, quiet prayer or reflection, with gentle music and candlelight (Hot drinks in the Hall 7-9pm)


Easter Sunday morning after 10.00am mass.  A big breakfast offers the occasion of a social Easter greeting.


Wednesday 6th April (second week of Easter) there will be a Year of Mercy Pilgrimage at Stratherrick.  Gather at 10.00am for an opening Mass.  This will be a deanery celebration.


ABERDEEN PASSION PLAY.  Since 2012 there has been a dramatic re-creation of our Lord’s Passion in the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.  Performance twice on 26th March; tickets £10 available from


St. John Ogilvie Mass – Saturday 12th March.  Bishop Hugh will say mass in Keith at 2.00pm.



Bulletin 28th February 2016

“Blooming Youth” – Saturday 5th March at Stratherrick.  

There will be a rally / retreat / gathering for all, but especially for the young.  Concelebrated mass will be at 12.30am but there will be a variety of activities throughout the day.  Have a look at the programme displayed at the back of he church.


Wednesday 6th April (second week of Easter).  There will be a Year of Mercy Pilgrimage at Stratherrick.  Gather at 10.00am for an opening Mass.  This will be a deanery celebration.


A thought from the national calendar.  This Sunday is the first of a series of three gospel readings about repentance and forgiveness; the narrative and the teaching which follows are connected but how?  If God is the landowner, what is our fate?  If God is the gardener, where is the time for us to grow?  The lesson which we have heard for some weeks is that God does love us no matter how much time has worn us out.  Do we show much love for Him and all others that He has created? 


Wee Boxes come in next Sunday; in addition there is a second collection for Papal and Episcopal charities.  



Bulletin 21st February 2016

The Jubilee Year of Mercy.  The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has placed a great deal of emphasis on turning back to the Father – the thought behind the Open Jubilee Door makes the idea very clear.  In previous Jubilee / Holy Years, pilgrimages were undertaken with the thought of turning back to God; the mercy of God was stressed and many outward signs of God’s Mercy were highlighted in indulgences and special devotions.  Please cast an eye on the two fly sheets on the noticeboard and give some time and thought to the ideas expressed there.



Bulletin 14th February 2016

During Lent: Stations of the Cross each Sunday at 6.00pm


Lent prepares us for the Paschal mystery of Easter.  Originally it was a period of Catechesis for those entering the Church.  The readings are about the truths of the faith – the Incarnation, and our need to embrace the Redemption which Christ offers to all.


Station Masses


19th February – St. Mary’s Beauly  (£5 per person)

26th February – St. Joseph’s Invergordon  (£7 per person)

4th March – Christ the King Brora  (£12 per person)

11th March – St. Martin’s Ullapool  (£12 per person)

18th March – St. Mary’s Nairn

Bishop Hugh Gilbert OSB will be the principal celebrant at Ullapool and Nairn. 

A bus will be available from St. Mary’s Inverness (costs alongside the destination).  If you wish to make use of it please reserve you seats as soon as possible by telephoning St. Mary’s Inverness on (01463) 233519


Pope Francis last week met the Russian Patriarch and the stress for all Christians is mutual support in our age; so we pray for persecuted Christians – Syria and parts of the Middle East witnesses suffering and death currently where many are Christians.  The Pope is asking for prayers especially in this season.



Bulletin 07th February 2016

Margaret Sinclair grew up in the Cowgate, Edinburgh and worked in a factory.  She died in her twenties from TB and now they want to make her a saint.  Cardinal Gray promoted the beatification cause and it was approved by Pope John Paul.  The new archbishop has asked a priest, Fr. Joe Macaulay, to promote prayers throughout Scotland for the cause. 


S.V.D.P. next meeting Wednesday 10th February after Mass.  

There will be a Day of Reflection for members of the SVDP in St. Columba’s on Saturday 20th February beginning at 10.00am, and ending at 5.00pm.  ALL WELCOME!


Dates to recall:

11th February.  Our Lady of Lourdes – World day for the sick

4th March.  World Day of Prayer

24th March.  Holy Thursday

Advance warning – clocks go forward on Easter Sunday…………..



Bulletin 31st January 2016

First Holy Communion Preparation has started; the day of reception will be Sunday 19th June as announced, confirmation date has been announced as 18th September.


SCIAF Wee Boxes have arrived and are available at the back of the church; it is hoped to collect these on 6th March; we notify the diocesan office as well as SCIAF what this charity raises. 


Eucharistic Ministers; the forms with the signatures of the ministers are now available; these enable the certificates to be issued.  It would be good to have a presentation of these at mass, a celebration which can only be enjoyed when quite a large number can meet at the same time.


20th March – Palm Sunday.  St Mary’s Aberdeen World Youth Day Mass.  Archbishop Cushley and Bishop Hugh will lead a concelebrated Mass at 1.00pm to enable young people from all over Scotland to savour the International Day scheduled for Krakow, Poland this coming summer.  It will allow all corners of the country to recognise each others’ faith.


Shortage of priests!  Fr. Donnachie the parish priest of Holy Cross church in Glasgow had to ask the Franciscan Friars from the neighbouring parish to provide the Sunday masses recently.  Only a short time ago Holy Cross had four priests providing seven or eight masses on Sundays.  We need to approach the Holy spirit. 


Wednesday 10th February is Ash Wednesday.  The normal mass at 10.00am will be available; there will also be an evening mass at 6.30pm.




Bulletin 24th January 2016

First Holy Communion Preparation will resume this Sunday after mass; it is hoped to celebrate first communion day on Sunday 19th June, while confirmation day is planned for 28th September – this awaits final decision.


Health workers.  There will be a White Mass for health care professionals in St. Mirin’s Cathedral, Paisley on Sunday 7th February at 12 noon.


SCIAF Wee Boxes have arrived and are available at the back of the church.  They will be uplifted on 6th March.


SPUC.  The newsletter highlighting the work going on is available on the newsboard at the back.  A draw with tickets at £1.00.


Archbishop Tartaglia of Glasgow has written a special letter for Education Sunday urging us to think of education as the future of our young people, and an opportunity to grow up in the faith.


The next SVDP meeting will be on Thursday 28th January in Forres after the 10.00 o’clock mass in St. Margarets.  The meeting will be in Nikki’s house.


A96 Dualling, including the Nairn bypass.  Two sessions – Thursday 4th and Friday 5th February are being held in Nairn Community centre to inform the community about developments on the road programmes.


Eucharistic ministers.  After five years, ministers of Holy Communion renew their commitment to this important office.  Certificates were last registered here in 2011.  Another dozen ministers would be helpful; This weekend signed forms will be available both to old hands and new beginners; a handing over a the beginning of Lent is a suitable time.


20th March – Palm Sunday at St. Mary’s Aberdeen.  A special World Youth Day Mass will be concelebrated by Archbishop Cushley of Edinburgh and Bishop Hugh at 1.00pm.  This is an opportunity for all young people from all over Scotland to savour the international day in Krakow in 2016.




Bulletin 17th January 2016

Coming events

19th January – Week of Prayer for Church Unity

31st January – 6th February – Catholic Education Week

10th February – Ash Wednesday

11th February – Day of Prayer for the Sick – Lourdes


Station Masses

12th February – St. Mary’s Inverness

19th February – St. Mary’s Beauly

26th February – St. Joseph’s Invergordon

4th March – Christ the King Brora

11th March – St. Martin’s Ullapool

18th March – St. Mary’s Nairn


Second Collections – a great number of requests are arriving and I know that you are very supportive of worthwhile charities; I will mention these requests and make them more often retiring opportunities but they will not be second collections unless directly imposed by the Bishop Hugh Gilbert.  Think – refugees, foreign missions, catholic schools, SCIAF wee boxes etc. etc. meals provision.  Do not be down hearted; Jesus Christ has noted all this – He was at the wedding feast at Cana!!!



Bulletin 10th January 2016

Many thanks are owing to the strenuous efforts of so many for the lively and joyful celebrations over Christmas.  Christmas Eve Mass witnessed a full church and a very full chorus of carol singing; the beauty of the Nativity Crib was even more enhanced from the help given by young people who expressed their joy of soul on their faces.  All the liturgy was joyful.

Leading up to the feast day itself, the Jesse tree and the happy Christingle service focussed the attention on the spiritual meaning of Christmas.  

Many parishioners were away with family members “furth of the kingdom” but the ranks were filled by returning family groups with their visitors.  Indeed it was a very good Christmas.


After mass on Sunday, the ordinary season of the year begins (green Vestments).

Prayers for Church unity; the annual week of prayer for church unity begins next week. 


SVDP; meeting on Wednesday after morning mass in the church hall.