Pope Francis on video for the Pope’s Global Prayer Network

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The Apostleship of Prayer, was set up in 1844 by a group of Jesuit seminarians at Vals, France.  It helped them to realise that everything we do can be done for God’s glory, for the good of others and for our own personal growth in God’s grace.

Each month, two intentions of the Pope are proposed, one Universal and the other for Evangelisation.  The Universal intention expresses a concern for the whole world and should be acceptable to persons of good will everywhere.  The intention for Evangelisation is more specifically Christian.


On Wednesday January 6th, the worldwide Apostleship of Prayer launched a new international website and app aimed at facilitating collaboration and sharing of resources between teams from the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.

The production of a video with Pope Francis sharing his monthly prayer intentions has been managed in collaboration with the Vatican Television Centre.

The pope will speak in Spanish on the monthly videos, which will have subtitles for a total of 10 languages.  The are available on YouTube as well as on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, encouraging people all over the world to pray with the Pope each month (please see links below).

The first video features the Pope’s prayer intention for January:

“That sincere dialogue among men and women of different faiths may produce the fruits of peace and justice”


www.ThePopeVideo.org         NB. From this link you can sign up to receive the videos to your Inbox.







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