Rosary Whirlwind British Isles – October 2020

From Your Rosary on the Coast Team:
Bishop John Keenan
Antonia Moffat
Brian Timmons
John Patrick Mallon
October 7th 2020

Rosary Whirlwind British Isles, October 2020 Mission

Rosary Whirlwind will invoke the mighty intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary inviting a WHIRLWIND of Heavenly Grace to blow where it wills across our Nations. 

Our Isles are in serious trouble with the corona virus pandemic and much more.

We need to turn to the God of Mercy in prayer and plead with Our Blessed Mother to intercede for us. Only serious prayer, penance, and conversion will herald the end of this pandemic. We are praying for an increase in Faith, Life & Peace in our Isles and greatly for the end of the corona virus global pandemic which is causing sickness and chaos everywhere.

Bishop John Keenan from the Diocese of Paisley along with many of our other English, Welsh and Scottish Bishops are inviting us all to participate. They are marked with the sign of the Cross on the Rosary Whirlwind Map.

In this rallying video Bishop John invites us to participate.

  1. Each night we invite you to join an 8pm Nightly Rosary – either online at the links provided or on your own either at 8pm or any time which suits you during the day or night.

When we pray the Rosary together it is like a Lion’s Roar before the throne of God and Our Divine Lord and Our Blessed Lady will respond with all the graces we need.

2.   On Tuesday October 13th – Feast of Our Lady of Fatima of the Most Holy Rosary – we invite you to pray the Rosary from wherever you are at whatever time suits you to intercede for the end of this present pandemic. You are invited to pray in your families or social bubble and on line with groups who maybe participating. Some may gather on our coasts, by rivers, at home, in church, around churches or neighbourhoods, from schools, nursing homes, hospitals etc to pray the Rosary safely. 

More and more as the covid-19 emergency unfolds we may find we need to pray at home or around our neighbourhoods on our daily walks. Just be creative and inventive and know that your Rosary is part of something much greater.

Our Lady first acknowledged her great title of Our Lady of the Rosary during the final apparition in Fatima on October 13th 1917 which is why we have chosen October 13th for this great Rosary Crusade for the British Isles.

See the Rosary Whirlwind Map at  to register  your parish on the Map. It only takes one person to sign up their parish on behalf of others!

3.    Then on Saturday October 31st we will host the National Rosary relay Rally throughout the British Isles from 9am to pm. Each Diocese has been allocated a designated hour during this time. Pray the Rosary as families and individuals. Many of our Bishops will lead their Diocesan Hour from their own Cathedrals …so please join them via their livestreams. More on this later in the month.

4.    Sunday November 1st – Feast of All Saints Bishop John Keenan invites us to join him in a thanksgiving Rosary at 8pm live-streamed form his Cathedral of St. Mirin’s in Paisley, Scotland. 

Imagine the joy of the Blessed Mother when she sees the entire British Isles full of people imploring her powerful intercession!

Our Lady of the Rosary pray for us, pray for our Isles

Blessed Feast of the Most Holy Rosary