Station Mass at St. Mary’s Nairn

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St. Mary’s Nairn hosted the final Highland Deanery Lenten Mass of the year on Friday evening 18th March 2016.  Led by Bishop Hugh Gilbert OSB, and concelebrated by 12 priests, it was a wonderfully uplifting celebration.  The Parish Priest Fr. Barnet preached the panegyric.

The packed church was reflected by strong singing, with hymns including, Praise to the Lord the Almighty, As the deer pants for the Water, Be still for the presence of the Lord, Holy is his Name and Joy to the World, with the St. Francis Mass setting, and Psalm 121 sang in Gaelic

A jingling of coins in the congregation after the homily led to an impromptu collection which will go to the seminarians bursary fund.  Bishop Hugh gave the congregation an update on their progress at the end of mass.  Please remember them in your prayers.


Refreshments including soup, scouse, sandwiches and cakes were served in the adjoining hall providing all with sustenance for their onward journey.



Photo by Duncan Macpherson


Photo by Duncan Macpherson