Stations of the Cross

There will be Stations of the Cross at St. Mary’s, Nairn on Sunday evenings during Lent at 6pm, commencing Sunday 14th February.  


The Stations of the Cross, also known as the “Way of the Cross” or the “Via Crucis”, originated in medieval Europe.  When wars prevented Christian pilgrims from visiting the Holy Land, sculptures or paintings which depicted scenes of Christ’s journey to Calvary were created by European artists.  These works were placed at intervals along a processional route or inside a church enabling pilgrims to retrace the final journey of Jesus Christ to Calvary.  

This practice eventually took the form of fourteen stations (now often 15), and today, images of the Stations, or simple crosses representing them are on display in virtually all Catholic churches.  

The Stations of the Cross serve as a focus for Lenten worship services, but can be said at any time of year, and may also be performed privately at home.  There are many booklets available to aid this practice.

Stations of the Cross Lourdes