The Highland Gathering – Virtual Men’s Conference for the RC Diocese of Aberdeen

What does a Catholic man in Scotland in 2020 look like? How does or should our faith effect our lives? Does it look different to what the world tells us it is?  If you are looking for help to find these answers, then this
FREE virtual conference is for you.

All of the talks are available on the conference’s dedicated YouTube page:

Conference speakers include: Bishop Hugh Gilbert;Bishop John Keenan; Fr. Domenico Zanrè; Fr. Damien
Martell; Fr. Max Nwosu; Fr. Balaraj Chencetty; Fr. NeilRitchie (Chaplain to Liverpool Universities); Fr. Nicholas Blackwell (aka ‘The Frank Friar’); Sam Baker (Catholic Man UK); David Edwards (Highland Catholic Men);Ged Farrell; Maciej Kaminski (Polish); Klaudiusz Mozolewski; Leves Pereria; Rory Mackinnon (from Craig Lodge).

Go to the Conference YouTube page for all of the talks.  

Fr. Max Nwosu speaks about the forthcoming conference on the YouTube page: