The Indigo Project Gambia – Donations wanted

The project was set locally.  The aim of it is to support the poorest areas with education and tools to increase livelihood opportunities and the people there need your help.  Donations of all kinds of things are welcome.  Useful items will go by container to Gambia.  The rest will be sold at car boot sales or coffee mornings to raise funds for things like mosquito nets, text books, pharmacy supplies etc.   Items such as hand sewing machines, fabric, haberdashery and tools are most welcome and will help 25 + families learn a trade. Also needed are pens, pencils, notebooks, clothing, shoes and old suitcases for people to keep their belongings in.

Clear out your loft, shed or cupboards and help this project.  Any queries, contact Patricia Robertson.   Donations can be given to her at Church.  If you require contact details please mail the Webmaster via the Contact page.