The Pope’s Prayer Network – Intentions for December 2016


December Prayer Intentions


Morning offering


“Dear Jesus, I offer you all the prayers and works, joys and sufferings of the day ahead, together with the intercession of Mary our mother.  I offer them all for the intentions of your heart, united with every holy Mass offered around the world today.  I offer my prayers especially for the Pope’s Intentions for this month”.


Your Daily Offering

Lord Jesus Christ,

you came among us through Mary’s ‘yes’ to God,

Help me this day to say ‘yes’ to the Father’s call to me,

so that in my words and actions,

in times of work and leisure,

you can be present to me through the power of the Eucharist

to heal, to comfort and to sustain. 


With Mary, the mother of our Lord and of the

Church, I pray for this months intentions as proposed

by the Holy Father:


Universal Intention

End to the Child-Soldiers: That the scandal of child-soldiers may be eliminated the world over.


Evangelisation Intention

Europe: That the peoples of Europe may rediscover the beauty, goodness, and truth of the Gospel, which gives joy and hope to life. 


The following link will enable you to accompany Pope Francis in his monthly prayer requests (NB. the video begins on the first Friday of the month): 


Please see the link below to Fr. David Stewart SJ’s monthly reflection on the Pope’s intentions:  


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