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The Pope’s Prayer Network is the new name the Church has for the Apostleship of Prayer.  It is the same Apostleship of Prayer (AoP) that many friends of the Jesuits have known for a long time, and still has the same aims, but with even more emphasis now on being the personal network of the Holy Father. 


Devotion to the Heart of Christ, the Sacred Heart, has long been a key aspect of the AoP, and still is.  Awakening our missionary zeal, it leads us to a covenant of personal love, symbolised by His heart.  We can train our hearts to be like His heart and so learn how to become those Missionary Disciples.


The Pope’s Prayer Network offers us all a way of praying, and of becoming “missionary disciples”.  It offers us a simple and easy, yet highly effective way of praying a daily “Prayer Pathway” that anyone can follow, and a way of living our Eucharistic faith in everyday life.  The Pathway invites us all to mark three specific moments in the day.


First, early in the morning, we can make an offering of our day to the Lord.  We try to find a moment of silence to become aware of the Trinity’s loving gaze on us and on the world, and ask hat, with God’s help, we can become available for Christ’s mission during the day.  We bring to mind the Pope’s intentions for the month.


The second moment of Prayer Pathway is brief, but effective.  At least once during the day, we take a moment to remind ourselves of the Trinity’s loving regard and of the offering we made. 


Then, last thing at night, finding an interior moment of silence, we ask the Spirit to show us how Christ has been with us throughout our day and how we have responded.  This can be a moment to practise the well-known Daily Examen of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  See for more detail.


It is a way of ensuring that there is always prayer in our lives, and then we will find our lives have become a prayer.


As part of the Pope’s Prayer Network, we link our personal prayer to the Holy Father’s intentions.  He asks us each month to pray for two specific intentions, the “general intention” for the whole world, reflecting the challenges that face humanity, and the “evangelisation intention” for the spread of the Gospel.  They can be found on the Jesuit website  You can also purchase “Prayer Pathway” and “Offer it up” cards, “Living Prayer” 2016 booklets, and the “Pope’s Prayer Network” 12 month illustrated Calendar from the website if you wish.



January’s Prayer Intentions


Morning offering

 “Dear Jesus, I offer you all the prayers and works, joys and sufferings of the day ahead, together with the intercession of Mary our mother.  I offer them all for the intentions of your heart, united with every holy Mass offered around the world today.  I offer my prayers especially for the Pope’s Intentions for this month”.


Your Daily Offering

Heavenly Father, you care for us all and for each one of us.

Strengthen in our hearts a spirit of love and

a desire for unity.


May the wall that prejudice raises between us

crumble beneath the shadow of your outstretched arm


As we rejoice in the gift of this new year,

We pray with the whole Church for the

Pope’s intentions this month:


Universal Intention

Interreligious Dialogue: That sincere dialogue among men and women of different faiths may produce the fruits of peace and justice.


Evangelisation Intention

Christian Unity: That by means of dialogue and fraternal charity and with the grace of the Holy Spirit, Christians may overcome divisions.


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