Virtual course – “King David: Lessons in Leadership – A Reading of Samuel 1 and 2”

‘King David: Lessons in Leadership.  A Reading of Samuel 1 and 2’ – Fr. Domenico, the Parish Priest
St Columba’s RC Church ( is busy putting together
a course on the Old Testament Books of Samuel, focusing on the kingship of David. The course will commence on Wednesday 17 June at 7.00pm.

This will tie in to a later series of talks on the Gospel of St. Matthew. These two series can be followed independently, although there will be clear links made between them. The series will be delivered virtually, via the ‘Zoom’ video-conferencing package. If you have never used video-conferencing software before, don’t worry! If you contact Fr. Domenico, he will send you a link to click on to in an e-mail!

In the meantime.. why not prepare by re-reading the Books of Samuel?!